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08 Feb 2012

Welcome to the blog. The 15 minute writer exercise for you to read and me to write is here. Tiny bit of background – in mid January I decided that after many ideas, thoughts about projects, presentiment of dreaming but never starting the written work, that is was time to either start. or stop. I wanted to see what I could achieve, if indeed I could achieve anything. I wanted to build a written something, I wanted to improve. I wanted to stop talking about it and sit down and get on with it. Well why should I not just do that, you might ask, although I suspect it might be obvious from the skirting around the edges above? Do I think I’m not good enough, do I have the time?

A little of both but then on the other hand, if I really wanted to, I could find the time. I have an almost 14 month old boy, who (as any parent knows) takes up a lot of time. But he is doing well, so I can find the time. I feel a little rusty. I used to write more when I was younger but it has disappeared over the years. Well mostly, although that is not strictly true. At work I have written 100+ page technical documents in the past two years. It is just, not what I would choose to do in my own time (or perhaps in paid time, given the choice). Most of this was however, written over a year ago, and not fiction. I feel rusty and perhaps a little low on confidence in this area. I needed a way to get back into it and to show / build up some commitment.

The 15 minute writer exercise is the beginning of the answer. It is merely a daily commitment to write for at least 15 minutes, or more if you wish about anything you wish to write. I started this exercise in January and have continued. To up the stakes I decided to shift the output into a blog and post whatever comes out, however good or bad, interesting or tedious. So this is the blog. Above on the menus are some info about the blog, a cast of characters who may appear in it, all the pre-blog output from the exercise (where you can see the idea of the blog appear), and a Lexicon.

The Lexicon is another daily exercise I will use / add to the blog. It is explained in the Lexicon menu item above and where this came from also appears in the pre-blog output. I will list the daily word at the bottom of each days entry, and post the word itself with definition into the Lexicon pages.

I intend to use these two exercises as a launch pad to a larger project.

Lexicon word for today: Impuissant.


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