More on what progress might be

Reginald sat and wondered about nothing specific. There was little on his mind and he wasn’t at all tired today. Cletus, his young son, had decided that a second night of staying awake wasn’t good for anybody and slept through the night. Reginald had reluctantly agreed with him and mostly did the same. Well almost, as habit would have it, Reginald frequently woke at night, however when Cletus wasn’t helping, would turn over and go back to sleep again. Reginald heard Cletus stirring on the baby monitor, but nothing else. The night was as quiet as a house might allow it, with the occasional eerie creaking of the structure, and the odd car or dog in the neighbourhood. Dixie the cat had free reign last night, nothing would disturb her during her pre-nap naps, her naps, treks to look out of the window, occasional feeds, and chucking up on the carpet. The latter she at least did under the coffee table and somewhat out of the way. Reginald had little to add to this, on a mild and clear headed morning.

– And in other news I’m enjoying the writer exercise. I wondered if it would be a bit of a slog rather than a joy but so far it is the latter. Yes I know a minimum of 15 minutes a day is not a lot of time, and indeed it isn’t. The actual typing is a joy, it’s fun and is starting to make my mind tick over again in a creative way in a manner it hasn’t done in a while. Prior to this, there have been the occasional bursts of creativity and creating notes, followed by the notes sitting there for a while whilst I thought about going back to them and editing / putting them into some kind of order. Now I’m getting more into the groove and for want of a better way of putting it, joining the dots, whilst creating some more.

Interesting to note is that if following the exercise to the law of the letter, then what gets put down is what gets put down. It is not an exercise in revision and correction per se. Take the post from yesterday which took the form of a short story. Now if I was going to publish this elsewhere, I may revise and change a few details. I would think a little more about the words, whether better ones could be chosen to provide more colour, or to provide better rhythm and sound. I would edit and add. But the exercise is about getting something down. On the other hand I could do the things above but as a separate days exercise. Write a new version, so there would be the before and after. Maybe I will do that, or maybe I will lark about with a few more short stories on here. Possibly a story broken up into mini-chapters over a week or a fortnight. There are lots of possibilities for things to do here as a means to improve various writing skills. A certain amount of improvement is just through experience i.e. time spent doing it, although there is also use in casting a critical eye, improving the language and flow. So (and this is mainly for my benefit), additional things that could be done in this exercise:

  • Revise a previously written story to enhance the detail.
  • Revise a previously written story to improve the words and the sound of.
  • Write a small story in several parts over a number of days.

N.b. the story in several parts could be planned in a posting e.g. laying out a basic structure, then writing each part on a separate day, or I could improvise the whole thing. I like the idea of just choosing some subjects and seeing what I can come up with right there and then.

  • An exercise in laying down some headers / ideas for stories / chapters, which can then be picked over for the parts of the story. In choosing some headers the idea will be to write something that can lead to the next one in some form or other.
  • A discussion piece on why some of the above were chosen.

Well I like a challenge.

Lexicon word for today: Heterodox


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