A small note on Indie music (UK edition)

I have recently been reading a Mojo Magazine special on The Smiths, The Stone Roses and British Indie music. Whilst I know a lot of the stories, reading about them again is a fun thing for me.  I’m a music fan and Indie music was where I put my flag when I was finding out more about my own tastes.

To give a little background, I grew up with a lot of music played in the house. This was however fairly mainstream or classic rock type stuff, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, which I didn’t mind too much, or Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills & Nash, or the Eagles which I did mind, rather a lot (I’m with the dude as far as the Eagles are concerned). There were also a bunch of heavy metal records that my uncle used to bring round, AC/DC I liked, Black Sabbath / Ozzy I wasn’t too keen on. Music was there, maybe I didn’t notice it too much. As I got to my mid teens the computer games industry was really taking off so I was more into the Mega drive, then Amiga scene. Music was left in the background.

Around college times aged about 16 to 18, I was doing a media course. Some people were a bit more clued up on music than me but the weekly music press such as NME or Melody Maker, suddenly seemed interesting if not a little intimidating when knowing little of that scene. However this all changed when in one class, the Sex Pistols got an airing. I had that moment of clarity where hang on a minute, this isn’t bad, there is something to this. It changed things, it was something I wanted to know more about. So from that point I was set on my way. I delved in and bought a music magazine or two to get an idea of some bands (and probably the free cassette). These were a little more focused on Indie music and less mainstream music, of which there was a lot less crossover back then (early nineties). This gave me a place to start, and from then on, to find plenty of music that I like.

Early favourites would have been Bob Mould’s band Sugar, The Boo Radleys, Pulp, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Suede, Primal Scream and of course this was the time Nirvana went massive so they were also a big thing. Over time I got into a whole range of stuff, became a bit more accepting of some of the classic rock acts as well, realising the range of talent that went into creating music, the special moments, the origins and all those sorts of things.

I shall cover a lot more on music and my favourite bands in more posts in the future (look forward to Sugar, and The Smiths) but I feel I ought to point out that I remain more of an Indie kid, than a mainstreamer. It is nice when some cross over but it is also nice when you feel a bit more of a member of the (secret) club. I love Indie music and The Smiths are still an all time favourite. It was fun to read about them again even if there is little new to say. When I read about Indie music it reminds me of those times when I was younger and getting into music. It’s a bit nostalgic, but also fun. It all helped form my tastes now, and music is still a big thing for me. And who doesn’t like to indulge in a bit of fun nostalgia?

I should note as an aside, that the magazine made me want to check out more from the band “Felt” and possibly my favourite named band “Half man half biscuit”.

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