What I learnt this weekend.

So just some musings for todays exercise, so in other news, what I learnt this weekend:

  • On WordPresss: Some Posts are more popular than others.
  • From the Whitney Houston funeral: R-Kelly is not familiar with the phrase “Over egging the pudding“.
  • The Simpsons has been running for 23 years. I haven’t watched it in three or four.
  • My son currently looks a bit like Karl Pilkington did as a child.
  • I’m a bit crap at UFC Undisputed 3 on the PS3.
  • I can sometimes get more work done with music playing than without it.

Ok I didn’t learn that last one this weekend, I’ve known that for a long while. And the first one also. This weekend was good for writing a couple of posts that were a bit longer than the 15 minutes. I also got some work done on another project. Not a lot but it got a bit further, it got a bit more organised. I got to browse on wordpress some more. I noticed a bunch of writers who have their own books, a bunch of guys doing some daily poetry, and some guys who like (and do their own) sci-fi / fantasy writing. There is loads of stuff on here isn’t there? Where to start really. You can find blogs on almost anything. Some are really good, some are just interesting, some are awful. All individual taste though, and that is a fantastic thing, it means there is a place for everyone. So there is a bit of one man’s trash is another man’s gold, and so on. The problem for me is finding time to read them.

There is too much stuff in my life and not enough time for it. Aside from regular life stuff, here is what I have for my spare time (in no particular order):

  • Gym / exercise time.
  • Plenty of books to read.
  • Plenty of music to listen to.
  • Some PS3 to play (I tend to prefer sports games).
  • Blog time.
  • Writing Projects time.

Keep in mind here that I have a wife and 14 month old son. So I suppose the obvious thing would be “you gotta prioritise dude”, which I kind of do. The blog is now a daily thing so tends to be first. The Gym, well that needs to happen ideally at least three times a week. Books have got to be read because they fit in with the writing. Music can fit around daily life, Then everything else, well I try to give a bit of time to each each week. Some days might be more reading, a sunday afternoon might take in some PS3. Too much things and not enough time to do them. It is certainly not a bad problem to have is it? So another thing I learnt this weekend is that although I could quibble about some aspects of my life, in the grand scheme of things, it is good, and I have little real things right now to complain about. And that is a good thing.

I may try some short story stuff on here soon. Perhaps a post in the next day or so will be generating lists to improvise from.

N.b. UPDATE: I have been told off by my wife for not including her in the above (she was added just now). Well yes, there was not a lot I can say about that other than sorry, and she was indeed correct!

Lexicon word of the day: Virago


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