The Brit Awards & Some Priorities

This morning two unrelated topics to talk about.

Last night in the UK it was the Brit Awards. To the American readers, it is pretty much the British equivalent of the Grammys. You know, a bunch of mostly daft music categories with plenty of mainstream acts crowbarred in there. Here is a list of winners that I cut and pasted from the Guardian online:


2012 British Male Solo Artist Ed Sheeran
2012 British Female Solo Artist Adele
2012 British Breakthrough Act Ed Sheeran
2012 British Group Coldplay
2012 British Single One Direction/What Makes You Beautiful
2012 British producer Ethan Johns
2012 Mastercard British Album Of The Year Adele/21
2012 International Male Solo Artist Bruno Mars
2012 International Female Solo Artist Rihanna
2012 International Group Foo Fighters
2012 International Breakthrough Act Lana Del Rey
2012 Outstanding Contribution To Music Award Blur
2012 Critics’ Choice Emeli Sande

Now I’ve been living in California for the past two years and I haven’t been keeping notes on who is doing what in the UK charts, but a quick glance shows few surprises. Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Rihanna, Adele and so on. Lana Del Ray is kind of taking the spot Bon Iver took at the Grammys. The “Hey, look at us we’ve spotted an indie act that you have, just to show we care” spot. That one kind of looks like an old fella asked his teenage grandson “What’s the sound you kids are listening to?”, getting a bit confused and thinking, oh well, that one will do. It shows how bland the show was as a whole that there is little commentary about the winners in the news, more about how Adele got cut off with her acceptance speech. Yes, ITV, the broadcasting TV network decided that it didn’t want to run over time. It had to fit in a live set by Blur before finishing on time. That meant, the winning speech from Adele was promptly cut off as the producers shove the host out to cut her off. Adele responded in kind by giving them the finger. Ooo… controversy. Or not. Who cares? Personally I like Blur, they were a big favourite of mine through the end of my teenage years and through my twenties. I like the fact they won the outstanding contribution to music award and I wanted to see their live set. Or at least I would have, had I been in the UK. Instead I had to make do with watching it on Youtube. I think there was some songs after the TV broadcast ended which are also on Youtube. I was never a big fan of the Brits when living in the UK. Being away has done nothing to change that.

So priorities huh? I’m thinking about writing priorities here. The blog is doing quite well so far. I’m keeping up a posting each day, which is also good. If anything the problem is I’m writing for much more than the 15 minutes, which is both good and bad. Of course the practice is good, the fact that I am putting the commitment is good, and the blog is getting an identity, also good. The downside is that I’m not doing much work on my other projects. I probably spend a little too much time checking stats and so on. That is ok for now whilst I build up the blog and it’s community, but in the long run I probably need to cut a lot of it out. I need to spend time on my other projects. But I don’t want to stop the blog. It is fun for me, I am getting something from it. I don’t want to stop. So priorities really, I should try keep some of the posts down to a 15 to 30 minute writing, with one or two longer posts a week. A little less time on here, a little more time on other projects. Let me see how that works out.

Lexicon word of the day: Adroit.



2 comments on “The Brit Awards & Some Priorities

  1. The big surpise of the night was the boyband One Direction getting the best british single award… over Adele… I mean… seriously?!?! Not hatin’ on the boys – good on them- but…. seriously?!? Brits are, I think, a bit more unconventional than Grammys (I used to live in California for years…) and will on occasion take a risk or two…Coldplay was amazing live.

    • I have to admit, I have no idea who “One Direction” are or that they are a boy band. That said I like my music, more indie-ish tastes generally speaking, so it is not a surprise living out here that they never entered my radar. Or maybe they did and were instantly forgotten about. I kind of feel the Brits are a bit like an employer that needs to employ a white person, black person, Asian, disabled, sort of tick all the boxes sort of thing. Here you get, big female act, big pop band, big rock group, boy band, indie band, and so on.

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