The battery issue

A little short on time today as the battery on my laptop is about to die soon, and I’m not in a place to plug in and write. It’s amazing these days how much of our lives is reliant on electrical items that require batteries or rechargeable batteries. Just a quick glance around my home gives, iPhone, iPod, Sat Nav, laptop, Baby Monitor. PS3 controller, Radio control helicopter (don’t ask, it was a gift), toddler quad bike battery. If the apocalypse comes, I’m screwed. I’d hazard a guess that you are as well.

So much of these items are incredibly useful. We could not be here now in the blog or twitter sphere without them. It is how we can communicate with anyone almost anywhere in the world within seconds. Well that and a few satellites, but you know what I mean. So as much as having these electrical items is useful, fun. or just generally adding something to our lives, we are in return securely attached to providing them with the source of their power. Where ever we go we need to have one eye on a charger. Day to day it might not be a problem, you might for example charge your phone at night. Or you might have invested in an extra charger to use at work. But take a longer trip, then several chargers need to go with you. When you get to your destination you need to find somewhere to use the charger. In a sense this is no big deal to our current generation. Places are built and maintained with this in mind. But we still need to think about it. Probably a minor inconvenience considering the convenience they add to the rest of our lives.

Currently we’re trying to get our TomTom replaced as the battery will not hold a charge. That’s the other downside of rechargeable batteries. You can use them sensibly, and charge them only when fully discharged to get a longer life, but they don’t live forever. Better than throwing dead batteries away, as we do with non rechargeable. Well this TomTom battery never held a charge, so that was another issue in itself.

Still it is scary how many items use them and what little skills we have to deal with life without them. That is not even considering the environmental issue of the power needed to charge them. Yes, electricity is generated, so in theory there is as much of it as we need. The problem is what is used as fuel for the generators that provide it. Renewable energy sources are the ideal way, but they create little energy compared to coal and nuclear fired generators. We better hope that someone can come up with some better ways of doing it soon. If we cannot live without it, what will our children do?

This really ought to be an expanded essay, rather than a writing exercise on a blog post. One thing clear about doing this blog is that the majority of it is “top of the head” i.e. whatever springs to mind. It is largely so far, not about researching and filling up with references. On the other hand, that is the point of this blog, it is a writing exercise. In order to improve some more, I shall have to set some boundaries, or exercises within the exercise if you will. – I’ll save that for another day. This morning I’m watching my son. It’s a little hard to write here when constantly chasing him from the fireplace. At the moment he thinks it is some kind of game, the little whatsit.

Lexicon word of the day: gaucherie.


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