Poetry – My first attempts at Haiku

Yesterday I was interested in the question “Why do you write?“. It was off the back off a post from a few days ago on how myself and Poetry are not the best of friends. So I decided to try work on that relationship with an attempt at some Haiku.

First up I should note that I had no idea what Haiku was until seeing the mention in the current Writers Digest. My wife’s comments on the matter were to roll her eyes, and say “How have you never heard of that, I did that in 5th grade maybe?”. I could only give her a withered look and reply with “I’m not American, with your daft schooling and stuff”. It may be that I did it myself at school and forgotten about it. It seems like so many years ago and probably was.

So Haiku, my new friend, what can you tell me about yourself. Traditional Haiku is three lines, the first with five syllables, the second seven syllables and the third five again. Contemporary Haiku is still three lines but doesn’t necessarily follow the syllable rule. There are three short lines, and to quote writers digest “a cutting word that connects two juxtaposed images, and an element emblematic of a season”.

Ok so here goes then, this is off the top of my head.


… Actually choosing a subject is the hardest part….

… So what can I see from here?  …Oh here goes:

The lazy Cat sprawled out

The old sofa rests in peace

in spring morning sun

So what do you think? Ok for a first attempt but a bit 5th grade? Well it does follow the classic syllable rule. At this point my wife asked what it was about. “Is it about how beautiful I am?”. Well not that one, let me try another:

Beauty gleaming forth

Cross summer of my heart

Oh that wife of mine

Well these are first drafts off the top of my head. What do you expect for a first go? So there is one more:

Cold day comfort yearn

Breakfast toast furnish a famine

in my fibrous gut

So there goes a few attempts. First thoughts are that actually, it is fun to try and find something to fit the form. It is a good exercise in editing. Hard to choose a subject. A little humorous. Probably would get better with practice. Well I said myself and Poetry were not friends, it is not like I read a lot of it. I think my first date with Haiku went well enough for a second attempt. Maybe we shall have another date soon.

Lexicon word of the day: pertinacious.


One comment on “Poetry – My first attempts at Haiku

  1. Jeannie says:

    the first step is to begin! Keep going…I love how you are doing this 🙂

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