Haiku – Day 2 – Poetry in action

Yesterday was first attempts at Haiku. These were totally spontaneous. Today a variation on this. Some new Haiku but based on word prompts. Try, take a look around you, out of the window, but it needs to be things you can observe from where you are. Choose three things you can see, and do a poem for each. The poems either have to be completely unrelated or all three connected. So three words for things I can see, from where I am sat:

  1. Painting.
  2. Grass.
  3. Orange.

I will now attempt three more poems. These are totally off the top of my head now, therefore totally first draft. I have not thought anything about the words or the poems prior to starting writing this post.

Cold on the painting

Betrays the energy of

Our lives in this room

And the next……

Green, and yellow, grass

Dry from the heat of the day

We are trapped this way

And the last…

Orange in the tree

Have you ripened or rotted?

Orange hanging still

There you go. Three poems of the top of my head, following classical Haiku form, and vaguely connected. Not great, but not bad. A little bit colourful, a bit themed around the meaning of a life, but kind of short and to me, therefore a little vague. What do you think?

Lexicon word of the day: Querulous.


3 comments on “Haiku – Day 2 – Poetry in action

  1. Hello says:

    Juice box sweet and small

    With a straw I’ll drink you up

    quench my tired thirst

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