Mondays, what I learned this weekend, and Haiku part 4

As you maybe aware if reading this on the day of publish, it is Monday again. Difficult to get going? – I was thinking I may make Haiku a weekly thing, possibly every Monday. I also seem to have been doing “what I learned this weekend” for the past few Mondays, so I may continue with that as well. Both, as you can see from scrolling down, are below.

I was also thinking about some other short term plans for the blog:

  • Is the art of computer / console games underrated?
  • Some Poetry larger than Haiku (maybe).
  • Some word association lists.
  • Some word story prompt lists.
  • Some short story, improvised and based on the prompts.
  • Whatever else I come up with
Well it is Monday, I’m a little tired. Anyhoo, onto some Haiku. What will todays prompts be? Well it is Monday so we shall have Monday, The Weekend, and “the Dread” (you know, it is Monday). Usual top of the head rules apply:
Cold day comes calling
open the door on Monday
close the gate on fun
A miserable take on Monday? Ok try this one:
Weekend my lover
Cozy, cordial, heartfelt, friend
Soon to leave again
The Weekend along similar lines? You would think I didn’t want this weekend to end. So to finish with “the dread”:
Hibernate laughter
Shadow fall on mortal soul
Clawing in, the dread
Ok for a sleepy monday? Today (like most) it is what it is. It gets my mind going anyway.

What I learned from this weekend:

  • A reminder that the little unexpected things you learn, are often the best ones.
  • Bruce Springsteen is not my favourite artist, but I sure want to hear what he comes up with.
  • NHL 12 on the PS3 is a really good game. I can say this now I’m beginning to win some games. Beginning to master it, opens up many of the subtleties included in the game. Very well done.
  • Liverpool FC can still dominate a game have the most chances and yet lose. Story of the league season, lots of chances, little conversion, = many dropped points.
  • Anaheim Ducks are similar to LFC, conceding silly goals and not enough chance conversion = many dropped points.

Lexicon word of the day: perturbation.


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