Sunday time travel blues and another word list.

The look at the art of computer and it being underrated, quickly turned into a larger essay than I had originally planned. In truth I could have done a lot more. I was wandering round a shop yesterday, pushing my son in his stroller, thinking of things I wish I had included. Oh well, it’s probably not that interesting to most people anyway, so not to worry. I did enjoy writing the essay, and words were flowing fast. However, with that in mind I shall be doing a much smaller piece today.

For most of us today, it was the sleepy wake-up after a forward clock change. In the UK the clock changes are always the last sunday in March, and the last sunday in October. Here in the States, it is a little earlier. I have to wonder if it is still of any use these days but for the time being we are stuck with it. I am usually stuck in the old time zone for the first week or so, for example thinking it was a bit chilly at 9.00 AM this morning, but then it is the equivalent of 8.00 AM yesterday. Or it is getting dark later, but it is the equivalent of… Personally I could have done with a lie in, so waking up an hour later was just the same as not waking up an hour later, today. I suspect my son will not be in the mood to sleep come bedtime, and neither will I. One of us might be more keen to go there than the other, the other might be suffering from the time travel blues.

To keep my mind going I thought I would try another word list similar to the other day, which is to choose a word and find as many words as possible that you associate with it. The list can be used for reference / ideas at a later point. So my starting point for this list shall be “canal”. I grew up in a place where there was a canal not far from a river. I did river list the other day, so I figured Canal would be a good association with that, but as you shall see, a different list. A max time limit of 10 minutes for the list. I realise it may be of more use to me than you, but here goes:

  • Lock
  • Lock keeper
  • Lock key
  • Steer
  • water level
  • water runoff stream
  • stick
  • twig race
  • stones
  • Ducks
  • Reeds
  • stone bridge
  • Grass
  • Ivy
  • murky water
  • park
  • factory ruins
  • ice
  • injured bird
  • dust track
  • blackberries
  • blackberry thorns
  • plastic tub
  • margarine tub
  • sweet fruit
  • blackberry crumble
  • Apple and blackberry pie
  • sore fingers
  • summer days
  • rain showers
  • damp shelter
  • broken pipe
  • light reflections
  • barge
  • boat
  • water onboard
  • jam jar
  • sunken
  • boat entry point

I should add more to this list. Actually I think I will add a menu entry which is more for my use, but so I can link them up (the word lists). Have a nice sunday.

Lexicon word of the day: addlepated.


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