Monday Haiku and things I learnt last weekend

This weekend was a relative weekend of relaxing after finishing part three of an essay on the art of computer games being underrated. I finished Bill Bryson’s book “At Home“, which was good, if not slightly different to what I was expecting. Now I’ve moved onto Mark Oliver Everett’s book “Things the Grandchildren should know“, which is good thus far. He is the “bloke from the band Eels”, has had a somewhat depressing and stressful life in some aspects, that makes for an interesting story thus far. I have a bunch of his records which are somewhat neglected, so I expect this will give me a good and convenient excuse to listen to them.

Sunday afternoons have recently become a bit of an excuse for larking about on the PS3, so I had a go on Fifa 12 and UFC3 which was fun. Sunday evenings have some great TV. The Walking dead, was excellent last night and a good lead in to next weekends finale. Luck, I have recorded along with the superb Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down. Life’s too short, was also amusing. His secretary is brilliant. As a show featuring Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, saturday night’s An idiot abroad was much funnier and will be sadly missed. This last show was kind of like a studio version of The old Ricky Gervais radio show / podcast featuring Karl Pilkington. They are very funny if you’ve not heard them. They have been animated to some extent on HBO’s Ricky Gervais show, but to me work better listening to them as audio only.

Coming up in the next few weeks are the new series of Game of Thrones, Mad men, and The Killing too, sunday night TV will still be something to look forward to.

So mondays now feature two re-accuring features. The first is Haiku. Todays word prompts in the spirit of previous week which was about the weekend, this week are some things from this weekend. They are, The quick Ultimate fighter knockout (more below), a smoky oven (when my wife was trying to do some food which goes towards feeding the homeless), and my local “Henrys” has now become sprouts. The last of the three relevant because the smell of that place always reminded me of my earliest visits to this country long before deciding to, and moving here. So (in the spirit of UFC) “here we go”:

Now cold is my head

Struck a quick blow to my jaw

Fighting contract gone.

This one is an example of where Haiku is just not long enough to do justice. On the other hand, maybe I’ve not done a good job at it.

Burnt food stops the cook

Carve the nourishment of hunger

Feed our homeless folks

I’m not sure I’m quite with this today. I might revisit this one later. Oh well, onto the last one.

Henry’s became Sprouts

In the springtime of this Year

Pay only tribute

Ok so not too serious that one. Still, I convince myself it is all good practice, but if nothing else is fun.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I still needed to learn how to defend myself in UFC 3 undisputed on the PS3. So I did some of the training and now I’m a bit better.
  • I’m not the only one who needs to learn to defend myself. In the Ultimate Fighter on friday, Erin Beach lost after Sam Sicilia popped him on the chin and knocked him out, in 8 seconds of the first round. All that training and he doesn’t get through 10 seconds!
  • LFC also lost again this weekend giving them three league defeats in a row, the first time this has happened since 2001.
  • ABC family channel is made up of more commercials than content.
  • Actually it is made of more commercials about it’s content, than actual content itself.
  • If we didn’t know before, The Walking Dead world is not a good, and certainly not a safe, place to live in.
  • Eels frontman Mark Everett seems like a nice bloke. I don’t think his book will take too long to read.

Lexicon word of the day: inosculate.


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