Poetry – A first longer poem

Last night I finished reading Mark Oliver Everett’s book “Things the Grandchildren should know”. It’s really direct, and interesting, the guy has sure had some depressing experiences. He has also had plenty of good ones. If you are unaware, he has writes music under the name Eels. He explains many times over how he is usual happiest when working on songs. He has the itch that many people have with writing. Really good book. I think I’ll revisit some of his records which I haven’t played in a while.

Some regular readers may recall I’m not a big fan of poetry. However I’ve been doing some short form poetry, Haiku, and currently this has been reoccurring on a Monday. If you’re interested just put “haiku” into the search box up on the right. I had been debating trying some longer poetry. Of course I realise that to do some good poetry requires some thought, and probably some experience, unless by some ironic fluke, I’m naturally good at it. I suspect that is probably not the case so you might have to bear with me (n.b. “bare with me” might have been a corny pun here).

When I first thought of this a few days back and had the where to begin moment, what struck me, much like an improvised blog piece, was what to write about. Seriously, what do I write about? Well the solution in this case is either to think of something maybe personal, or maybe about someone, or maybe something that reminds me of something, or arm, – use a writing prompt. Anyway as it happened and I’m not sure where this came from, a something popped into my head and gave me a starting point. So without much more of a long winded introduction heres a first attempt. It is pretty much first draft so go easy on me:

I walk the middle of the road

When I went to the yard to see who I was
all I saw was the sun behind clouds
when I looked to see who wanted me
I was told, join us when you’re ready

I wasn’t happy I wasn’t sad
all was there, was all I was
I walk the middle of the road

When I went to build my career
I knew little of where I was heading
You could be good at this my master said
yet all I could do was be good at that

In the cold light of day
was a chance I wouldn’t take
I walk the middle of the road

I looked at my dreams
what little chance I had
should my balls not appear, to take them
my hopes are just wasting away

When I turn to dust and insect food
would I have been there for anything else?
if no-one does a thing because of me
should I even have been there at all?

because if brightness lives in all our souls
all I do is close the door
neither going much forward or going much back
I walk the middle of the road

Now my boy looks at me
for a chance to be
My hope, he deserves
I give him that chance

for when comes the telling
what has come from me?
do I walk the middle of the road?

My first impressions are it is a shade clunky in parts but ok. I like the basic idea of it so it might be worth a further draft. It might actually be more of a song than a poem. It is an odd thing this, to attempt something new then rather keep it hidden away in a notebook, to shove it up in the blogsphere for anyone to see. It might be ok, or utter s**t. Still it got me thinking I might try some more. If I can think of some subjects.

Lexicon word of the day: boggle.

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7 comments on “Poetry – A first longer poem

  1. Jeannie says:

    clunky or not I like it because it comes from your heart. and it matters what we say to our little ones when the time comes and we want to speak the truth.

    1st effort = A


  2. Wow, I really like it…well done you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi – I really like this poem, it’s so honest and from the heart -that’s poetry

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