TV Vegetable – 21 March 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv. Don’t worry, it’s not too in depth – blah, blah.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Fabulous episode this week. The farm got overrun with a zombie hoard. The group briefly got split up. It was madness as to who might survive, and who might not. In the end two anonymous people died, none of the main cast did. I’m not even sure who they were, but one might have been the wife of Otis, and the other, just some bloke from the farm. I suppose we did get Shane dying last week and the old fella the week before. – Andrea did get separated from the group. I didn’t think she was going to die as they focussed too much on her escaping, then going on the run. As she was about to be killed I was expecting someone to save her, which happened. I wasn’t expecting the person saving her to look as “it did”:

I’m aware this character is in the graphic novels, but I’m going to try to avoid spoilers to find out who this is and where from. Really, I thought this was a great episode, which moved things along to a new context and setting for the next season. The farmhouse is gone, they are without food, and most of their useful items. The zombie fighting was well done, and the makeup was up to it’s usual high standard. If I had some concerns it would be with how accurate everyone suddenly seems to be with their shooting, and where is all of the ammo coming from? Hershel seemed to have a lot of ammo in that shotgun until they needed him to reload, putting him in danger, only for Rick to save him. I shall look forward to next season.

– My wife says: Why is everyone so annoyed with Rick?

– I say: Why didn’t Rick just say, “Shane tried to shoot me in the back so I had to defend myself”.

Luck (HBO)

Due to a third death of a horse and ongoing safety issues for other horses Luck has now been cancelled mid way through filming the second episode of season 2. The production crew are people who like horses, they are not prepared to continue filming whilst there is a risk of more injuries. Whilst this is disappointing in terms of the show, I can only respect that choice. Will it be permanently cancelled? There is talk that they may be finding a way to make the track safer. I guess we shall see.

Meanwhile in this weeks episode, more focus was away from the track than on it. Ace managed to gain a small upper hand against Michael in his not quite clear plan regarding the race track, gambling and something or other about making money. Personally I find Dustin Hoffman a little hard to take as a gangster. The guy is 5 foot 5 inches tall and looks even shorter. He ought to have been given an ashtray like scene, himself. I’m not sure about this quiet menace. Although on the other hand the scenes where he spoke to Michael were great so maybe I am sure about his quiet menace.

Jo nearly or might have lost the pregnancy which is a bit unpleasant to anyone who has had a child and the ultrasounds that went with the pregnancy. It was kind of interesting watching Escalante stepping up. Part of this might have come from the conversation with Ace, where we learned they had crossed paths before. There was a shift in positions for Rosie getting a ride on the escalante horse owned by the gang of four. Not the derby race itself, but the derby day. There might have been some clever politics going on there. I couldn’t quite follow that. It sets up the big derby race between Ace’s and Nick Nolte’s horse. I thought Nick Nolte was going to burst a blood vessel and collapse on set with his wheezy outbursts. I shall presume that to be acting. One episode to go. It’s good, I will miss it if it doesn’t come back.

– My wife says: I wasn’t paying attention

– I say: I liked the way escalante described ET as the boy with the monkey on the bike flying past the moon.

Justified (FX)

I love this show. I love how it’s a modern western, I love how it keeps the dialogue in the style of Elmore Leonard. I recently described it a a guilty pleasure without the guilt. There are not many episodes of this season left, only three.


This episode was right up there with the best of the season. Jim Beaver, at the beginning of the show, demonstrated the thing this show does better than any other, which is to make “the confrontation” seem original and enjoyable every time. It might be clever dialogue, or clever positioning of characters, or a little twist, but there is always something. In the early confrontation, it was diffused with some clever talk from Jim about how he was dying of cancer so he was prepared to go, which was of course nonsense, but clever. In the final confrontation between Raylan and Quarles, started with a fantastic “Why wait?”, it was stopped by Lindsey (the bar owner) and likely saved for one of the final three episodes. A confrontation being stopped by the bar owner is nothing new, but that set up the following scene between Raylan and Lindsey (“Sure it’s not one of the hazards of being you?” ). I cannot help feel that when Raylan and Quarles finally face off, the up the sleeve gun will be involved, and the one or two questions he has had about it jamming, might cast an influence.

We also got to know more about Quarles and his forced rent boy beginnings, in the great scene in the winnebago. Then got a brief but disturbing end scene with the boy he captured. It’s amusing how Wynn Duffy was a bit of a crook but now looks like the sane one compared to Quarles. Plus there was great Boyd and the election scenes (Jim Beaver there again, this time with varying levels of comfort in the bar), Raylan’s courtroom speech, Dickie being freed, and more manoeuvring from Limehouse. Oh and more amusing dialogue from Raylan’s boss – “Did that go the way you rehearsed it?”

– My wife says: I didn’t like this show at the beginning, but I like it now.

– I say: It’s justified and erm, therefore it’s justified – I love this show.

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

I mentioned last time that this is my first experience of this show. It appears to be a mix of reality in house / training type stuff, leading to this weeks “live” fight. This week, one guy was fighting another seemingly better fighter, only for the latter to leap in looking for a takedown just as the other was beginning to kick him. This resulted in a knee to the head and a clean knock out win for the underdog. Sorry I cannot be bothered to look up the fighters names for you. Either you watch it and you know who I mean, of you don’t watch it anyway.

The rest of the time was mostly taken up with in house stuff. One of the fighters had lost his father over the weekend so the show generously allowed him the privacy of having a camera shoved in his face, presumably so he could cry in peace – with us watching. Tough it up man, this is the ultimate fighter. They did allow him to go to the funeral and come back again and continue. They know how to look after their fighters in the UFC.

Highlights – I got into the tension and emotion of the fight, and then, Bam – knockout!

Lowlights – The one I wanted to win got knocked out. Also, of course if your dad has just passed away, you are going to be emotional. You don’t really need me watching you going through it.

– My wife says: I think I want team cruz to win, he seems a nicer person

– I say: But Faber is the california kid, support your local team woman!

tv dinner (the rest)

Strange addictions – I don’t know if this was a new one or a re-run but we saw an episode of this on sunday with two fabulous weirdos. The first spent her time sniffing gasoline. But wait, as if that isn’t enough, she also drinks it. Yes, she sips on gasoline. Despite the fact that it burns her throat, has enlarged her liver, and is destroying her nervous system to the extent that she couldn’t feel needles being stuck in her arm.

The other carried round a little dolls head that she liked to sniff and rub against. It had a broken eye which made it seem even more disturbing. Look here she is:

I don’t know where they find these people.

– My Wife says: This is gross. What channel is it on? I’m turning it on in the bedroom as well.

– I say: That baby head looks like it’s made out of chocolate. Mmm, chocolate….

Hoarders – Was not on this week so disappointingly, again there was no toilet turd mountain, this week. I should have mentioned last time that this was human turds, in a toilet. The water in the house had been long since turned off. A total mix of cringing laughter and horror.

– My Wife says: WHY ISN’T HOARDERS ON????

– I say: Oops (little smile).

Til next time, enjoy!

Lexicon word of the day: Provost.


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