Poem 4 – I might be

This one is more a rhyme than a poem and done tongue firmly in cheek. If it is possible to do with a first line such as this one, I don’t know. It’s just a daft thing about how a new person i.e. a baby, could be anything as it grows up. I wrote it in the back of a car a few days ago when we were stuck in LA traffic. I also did a more serious (and better) one which will be on here in the next day or so. Yes I realise what I refer to in the first line, and everything that entails. Yes I realise the poem is silly, and a bit birthday card like, it is just supposed to be a daft throwaway thing. I wasn’t initially going to post it but I figured it makes a good comparison with the other poem to go up in a day or two (as in how different they can be.

I might be

I might be Hitler
I might be Einstein
I might be a footballer
I’ll be your number nine

I might be many things
you’ll have to wait and see
I’ll do lots of things
that make me, me

I might be an astronaut
I might be a slob
I might laze about all day
I might not get a job

I might be many things
I might write a book
I’ll design a brand new theory
you’ll want to take a look

I might be Hitler,
I might be Einstein
I might be a lothario
and make you mine

Lexicon word of the day: penurious.


2 comments on “Poem 4 – I might be

  1. Jeannie says:

    sometimes what we write on the ‘cuff’ is better than we think…this is one of those. Don’t sell yourself short!

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Ah, but for me you are Elliot 🙂

    I enjoyed the way you brought us to that end…but I agree with Jeannie…

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