Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 27 March 2012

Monday time and that means Haiku. Todays word prompts like the last two weeks, originate from a couple of things from the weekend. They are

  1. Great Great Grandma – My son has a Grandma and Granddad on my side of the family. On his mum’s side he has a Grandma, two Great Grandmas, and one Great, Great, Grandma. We went to see Great Great Grandma, last friday. She is almost 96 and has most of the mental faculties still. We probably don’t see her enough.
  2. LA Traffic – We got stuck in this for hours on the way back.
  3. Air ambulance – My wife’s sister had to be rescued from a mountain (It wasn’t great but also wasn’t as bad as it sounds, thankfully).

So here we go:

When will I see you

again, Great Great Grandma, I

learn a lot from you

 Ok so that was partially an experiment in finishing one line, having another and starting the last line, from the middle line. It doesn’t contain that seasonal type reference or jarring lines of traditional Haiku but it does fit the syllable form.

Where did my life go?

In spring LA traffic jam

losing will to live

LA traffic is the worst.

Fly, air ambulance

to the mountain of our dreams

carry my broken limb

I think that was the quickest Haiku I’ve ever done, it literally took a second or two more than it took to write. Hopefully that doesn’t show.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • What ROFLMAO means (Rolling about on the floor laughing my ass off).
  • Eating all your snacks when at the top of a hike up a mountain is not always the best idea.
  • Don’t try to drive past LA from about 4.00pm to 6.00pm – Ok I already knew that, it was more of a longwinded reminder.
  • Sitting in traffic in the back of a car isn’t a bad place to write some poems.
  • It can cost $500 or more if an ambulance has to take you to hospital. What??? Getting Health care in this country is seriously screwed up. Medical insurance is a joke and even having it can mean you still end up with a big bill if something serious happens to you. In the UK, the NHS might not be perfect but at least if you were for example, break your leg, you’ll just be carted off to hospital and patched up without even a mention of a bill (that you won’t get). Plus you can still get medical insurance to get quicker or more private service if you require.
  • LFC can lose two league games to two rubbish teams, in the space of six days.
Have a fun week. Tomorrows post will likely be another poem.

Lexicon word of the day: sanguinary.


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