Mojo Music Magazine – The alternative take


What do you need to know about it?

Mojo Magazine is a British “Rock” magazine, although it covers other music. It covers very little hip hop or dance so I suppose it’s main focus is Rock, pop, folk, alt-country, and similar. It has been around since 1993 and truth be told was a bit “Dad” rock back then. It got a bit more Indie and alternative over the years without being too “out there”.

The magazine has interviews, but as much of its focus, if not more, is on the stories around various bands, albums and so forth. That is why I like it. It also gives away a free, and high quality cd. Often these have a theme, for example a classic album where all the tracks are covered by other artists. For example, March 2012 was Leonard Cohen’s first album. As you would imagine, several Beatles albums such as “Sgt Pepper” and “The White Album”, have had this treatment. You can get the history of all the disks at Mojo Cover CDs (a fan site).

Where did I first become acquainted?

I think from early days but I’m not sure when. The first issue I really took an interest in that I can remember was August 1995. There was a “greatest 100 albums ever” critics poll (The Beach boys “Pet Sounds was number 1). I was still building my collection so this was a useful reference point. Actually I still have that magazine as well as numerous others with special features that I like (I don’t keep them all).

Over the years I have gotten familiar with the reviews section so I have a good idea how reliable they are for different types of music, and therefore whether it will be something I would be into. As a reference point I might use Mojo, pitchfork and the guardian to gauge reviews for something I have not heard at all, but might wish to try. Or I suppose I could use Metacritic.

On the whole, I like the stories about various artists and what not, plus I do like a bit of “rock journalism“.

What to buy:

Erm, the magazine. I would say that some issues tend to focus on artists I’m not interested in, and the reverse will apply where I get an issue of artists I love. On the whole it is well worth reading and the only magazine I have stuck with in recent years.

Anything related to look at:

It has it’s own Website here. You can get a free weekly newsletter from the website, with a quick signup. You can get a look at many Mojo “greatest” type lists here.

Where to buy: Ok it’s a UK magazine so you can get it there from any newsagent. I live in the US so have to pay for a subscription through  Or you can order it through

Anything else?

Not really. Oh hang on,I did have a problem with a month or two being late, but they turned up in the end. Plus the customer service (for great magazines) is very good at sending out a new issue if one does not turn up.

Oh hang on again, if you want a music magazine with more interviews and that sort of thing, go for “Q”. Mojo is the one you want for some interviews, but also plenty of stories.

Lexicon word of the day: Valetudinarian.


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