Poem 6 – Welcome, War

Today is a little poem that I started in the back of the car a week ago (where I wrote Poem 4 & 5). It doesn’t need any commentary from me today.

Welcome, War

Nuclear war radiate me
to the warmth within your heart
tickle my face with your wind
blow our tragedy apart

Land mine bring me giant steps
teach me how to fly
explode my dreams, my ambitions
let my old self say goodbye

Missile reshape my house
don’t give me time to wait
gut what I’ve built, my family
let us admire what you create

Metal crushing tank, do stroll
race the tracks to our delight
flatten my land, light up the scape
heal our broken inner light

Oh lovely war, please don’t come in
please don’t welcome in our lives
I didn’t choose that you invade
your trouble and endless strife

Lexicon word of the day: obdurate.


3 comments on “Poem 6 – Welcome, War

  1. Sarcasm in face of a monster

    • Elliot says:

      Based around what a construction friend of ours said about his family (and how they deal with it) who live in a country still impacted by war.

  2. An arresting and different approach to address an age old curse that has become all the more terrible, as technological advances have resulted in ever greater carnage, horror and destruction.

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