Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 02 April 2012

I could do with a PS3 like this one:

Monday time and that means Haiku. Todays word prompts like the last two weeks, originate from a couple of things from the weekend. They are

  1. Medical test – I had a small thing regarding some new insurance.
  2. ice-cream – I try and avoid ice-cream during the week, but on the weekend…
  3. PS3 – Had a bit of a lark around on the PS3 this weekend after not touching it for a few weeks. Personally I find it fun from time to time, it’s a good change of context.

So here we go:

Jab in the Needle

take a small vial of my blood

test tells a small tale

Nothing that interesting that one, but not the worst.

When the weekend comes

A tale of ice-cream is told

eating my desire

Ok I like ice-cream. What can I do?

Oh come on, get in

Lazy me on PS3

exercise my thumbs

Ok I could have mentioned a specific game there. Actually I think I will. I’ve been playing NHL 12 and Batman Arkham Asylum (I had finished the newer Batman Arkham city some weeks back – That makes me sound like a games nerd. I’m not really, there are few games I play.) Bonus Haiku, coming up:

Attack from shadows

Batman move you moron you

beat up those armed thugs

Ok, probably should have left that one. Things I learned this weekend:

  • A small change of perspective from one character to another can make a story idea come together
  • Elise Jordan (you can look her up) is well intentioned, but an idiot. On Bill Maher’s Realtime this las friday she ranted that the US does not need a medical system like the UK’s NHS. Her two examples 1) Look at the teeth, there are people having to pull their own teeth out with Pliers! Really? I of any of my friends, or even their friends, are not aware of a single person that has ever done this. My experience living in the UK was to visit every six months for checkup and clean. I’ve never needed a removal or filling. 2) That if you get breast cancer there is a much higher chance of dying from it in the UK than the current system in the US. This probably says more about how the UK needs to be more up and aware of diagnosis of breast cancer than the treatment itself. I can speak from experience with my own family as to whether the treatment itself is good enough. – None of her points really picked up any decent analysis. The NHS is not perfect but on the most part it works. It does not stop you getting private medical cover for speedier service or private care, should you require it. Also if your son breaks his leg, he will be taken to hospital given the treatment and dispatched again for further care etc, as and when required. He will not be asked about medical insurance (or even given a bill) for treatment, nor sent a bill for the ambulance picking him up. Nor will he face years of debt for any costs not covered by the medical insurance, assuming he has insurance cover.
  • Even though I have read book two (A clash of kings), I’m still amazed how much I was looking forward to what HBO did with it. It was pretty good.
  • LFC can lose six of the last seven league games. And get their goalkeeper sent off. The league form since the turn of the year has been terrible. Does winning the Carling cup a month ago make up for this? I suppose it does. They are in the semi finals of the FA cup so there is a slim chance they may win that as well. I should probably emphasis slim on this form.
Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: interstice.


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