TV Vegetable – 04 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv. This week it’s cold up north and hot somewhere south east. – Yeah, Game of Thrones – nerd! But as I cannot be bothered to move round the formatting, we start with…

Mad Men (AMC)

Oops, Don suddenly looks old. He don’t get no Rolling Stones. He’s worried that the kids are going to become wild and do some silly stuff. He’s probably right. No hang on, this show is set in the past. Thankfully he’s wrong. Well mostly. Will Don have a crisis of marketing confidence in the new world as the season progresses? He’s smart, so he’ll probably get past it. It should be fun watching.

In other news. Pete played a smart trick on Roger, tricking him with the Mohawk airlines account, and making his point in front of everybody. Peggy got to interview a smart new creative guy who will be working the Mohawk account. He managed to annoy her, but I suspect those to will be nobbing each other at some point in the future. Given his background (and father) it ought to be awkward and interesting, and not too easy for Peggy. Peggy seems far from the secretary we championed (as viewers) when she rose through the ranks to her current position

No Joanie this week. Plenty of Betty. Has Betty really put on all that weight? I know she is pregnant (or was) during filming, so there were some obvious wardrobe cover-ups. However I think the weight was done with clever make-up as January Jones is one of those types who doesn’t seem to put on much weight. If it was make-up it was damn good make-up.

– My wife says: Nothing. She was in the bedroom watching something else.

– I say: – Um Betty, what happened to you? Why do you screw up your brow all the time?

Game of Thrones (HBO)

So this week on Luck. No hang on, check it out, Game of Thrones is back. I cannot believe how much I was looking forward to this. The odd thing is I’ve read the second book which will be pretty much the second season, so I know what will happen here. I haven’t read any of the others yet other than the first one. Truth be told, that takes something (surprise, most likely) away. But it is so impressive to look at, who doesn’t want to see what HBO did with it? I shall avoid spoilers for things not happened yet.

So, Tirion moves into position as the hand of the king. He is many people’s favourite character. He is witty and clever, but also more humane than most. He is more interesting by being essentially one of the good guys, but positioned in the nearest to “evil” family in the book. But without the backing of his family he is nothing, so he tries to do the best for them whilst being as reasonable as possible. Ok, spoilerish, he will likely be featured more this season.

A couple of other notes: Joffrey seems even more of a tw*t onscreen than in the book. The dire wolf looked a bit CGI but also kind of cool. There was not enough Arya, but the story suggested we would catch up with her next week. Erm, also spoilerish, her story is kind of cool this year. The killing of the babies (King Robert’s bastards), was horrific to watch, that kind of stuff really is worse to view as a parent. Dany’s story = boring. Game of Thrones is great.

– My wife says: I don’t like this show.

– I say: (shaking my head after having given up trying to explain what is good about it). When shall I read book three? Shall I wait until after this season has aired?

Justified (FX)

A lot seemed to be going on today with double, triple, quadruple crosses. Quarles is totally losing the plot, and ended the episode shooting a cop. Raylan must feel he had a big part of that for not catching up with Quarles earlier. – Funny to see Wynn now the more confident one in that pairing, trying to see what he can get out of it.

Whilst mostly an excellent episode I was slightly baffled by the opening. With how smart Boyd is, I just don’t get why he would have Quarles chained up in trailer by only one leg, and with a really big chain. I realise they needed him to escape, but Boyd is smart. Actually Boyd’s poor prisoner planning allowed Dickie to escape later as well. Oops.

Possibly my favourite part of the episode was finding out more about Limehouse. He was manoeuvring to get some people out of his way and leave his guys alone. It was a reasonable plan to get Dickie, Boyd, Quarles, and co in one place to see who winds up dead or in jail. Unfortunately several of the players were smart enough to spot it. However when it came down to getting rid of Raylan, he had to own up to where Mag’s money went. It turns out he was doing the decent thing all along, following her wishes and had given it to Loretta. It showed Limehouse to be somewhat honourable, although looking at where the pieces landed at the end of this episode, how will he react when challenged in the final episode? I loved that both he and Raylan seemed to easily know what was going on. I loved how Raylan pretty much knew the bank job would not happen and that Limehouse wouldn’t have his money there anyway. If it wasn’t for Mad Men and a Game of Thrones, I would be missing this a whole lot more after next week.

– My wife says: Did the girl have the money?

– I say: Only one episode to go (sob, sob).

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Mostly training stuff this week. I’m actually struggling to remember what happened in the house. I think there was a segment about a lifestyle coach or something. What? You are trying to talk to a bunch of guys who like kicking other guys in the head about lifestyle?

Highlights – Good fight again. This was was drawn after two rounds. It went to a third and an odd split decision giving a first win to Faber’s team. It should have been a straight win as he dominated the third round. I don’t know why the third judge went the other way. – Next episode, chap who’s father passed away a few weeks ago, gets to lump someone.

Lowlights – The five minutes of commercials after the second round, and before they got on with the third round.

– My wife says: Who won?

– I say: Ha loser. You’re only one up now.

tv dinner (the rest)

The Killing – Got some abuse last year for 1) having almost a weekly red herring, 2) Ending the season with a murder solved, oh no it isn’t, 3) Linden constantly about to move away when clearly she wasn’t. This season started with a two parter. It was a little slow to get going but had an excellent second half. Linden leaving was instantly changed, there is now some corrupt police drama going on. Linden’s partner separately discovered this, except she thinks he is dodgy and won’t speak to him. He realises he needs her but she won’t speak to him. Oops. Also the police keep seeming to screw over Rosie Larson’s dad. Strong opener.

– My wife says: What happened to the bag?

– I say: Why is it always raining, like for all 14 days so far?

My big fat gypsy wedding – Not as funny this week and a little more on the side of why many people (in the UK) get annoyed with gypsies. First there was some gypsies being moved from site to site, which is to say they would turn up and park on someone’s field which wasn’t fenced, then leave plenty of rubbish and horse sh*t around, and complain when they are asked to move on again. Why are people having a go at us they ask? – Perhaps because you are trespassing and leaving a mess.

Then there was some weird horse cart racing where they illegally block up roads, abuse horses, and care little for causing an accident (pictured below).

People don’t have any problem at all with gypsies when they respect everyone else and their property, and abide by the legal rules that everyone else has to, i.e. like many of the other gypsies featured in the series.  It is the stuff above that annoy people. Sure we like to laugh at your funny dresses and strange culture (like not teaching all the women to read), but that, you are welcome to do back to everyone else. Just don’t abuse others then have the cheek to moan once told off about it.

– My wife says: I think I understand why gypsies are often moaned at now.

– I say: That’s what I’ve been saying. It’s a shame, because this show whilst often a bit comedy, it does show many nice people. Sort of.

Lexicon word of the day: Inviolate.


10 comments on “TV Vegetable – 04 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

  1. I have watched every episode of Mad Men since the series began and I think it’s one of the best television series I’ve ever watched. At least for me, Mad Men almost never disappoints.
    Yes, it was rather shocking to see Betty as hefty as she was… Maybe a combination of actual weight gain and make up magic? You may recall a while back that Peggy gained a lot of weight and I was convinced it was real – until I read that it wasn’t… Typical of a show that is seldom predictable and so often surprising.

    • Elliot says:

      I’ve watched them all as well. It’s fabulous isn’t it?

      It reminds me of moving over here as we recorded all of the series (3 or maybe 4, i forget which) in HD, prior to me getting here. I then got to sit through that season as I was settling in.

      So many good characters, clever stories, funny dialogue. Brilliant.

  2. crubin says:

    Couldn’t read this post all the way through yesterday as I hadn’t watched “Justified” yet. But now I have. Loved that last episode, but I agree, it was a little far-fetched Quarles wouldn’t have been better contained by Boyd. I loved all the references to Quarles’s looks–pasty fellow to blue eyes with the baby head to albino (though I think the albino one was from last week). As always, the writers didn’t disappoint. Can’t believe there’s only one episode left. I suspect the guy who plays Quarles will be up for an Emmy. I think Walton Goggins (Boyd) should be, too.

    • Elliot says:

      I think there might be some tears on tuesday, and they will all be mine! I was kind of thinking Quarles might have been a bit more successful prior to a final showdown but I guess that wouldn’t be very “Elmore Leonard”. Having him total loose canon is an interesting way to go. I wonder how the gun up the arm will be used, will it jam, will Boyd warn Raylan?

      • crubin says:

        Maybe he will. Doing so would keep the great interplay between Boyd and Raylan going. Good writing occurs when you find yourself liking some of the villains. And really, how can you not like Mr. High Forehead himself Boyd Crowder?

      • Elliot says:

        Have you ever read the story “Fire in the hole” which Justified was based on and pretty much was the first episode?

        Also did you ever watch the Shield? Walton Goggins was one of the main characters in that, and good there as well.

      • crubin says:

        I haven’t read “Fire in the Hole”, but was just saying to my husband last night that we should check it out. I’ve watched a few episodes of “The Shield” and really liked it. Just haven’t gotten around to getting another season from the library. So much else to watch. But cop dramas are my favorite.

      • Elliot says:

        I only just read “Fire in the hole” a couple of weeks ago, it’s in the short story collection “When the girls come out to dance”. It’s ok but there was a story “tenkiller” in the book which I enjoyed more. I have the book “Raylan” to read once the series ends to keep me going a little longer.

        I thought the Shield was good but lost it a bit in the final season or two. If you like cop shows did you see the Wire?

      • crubin says:

        No, but I’ve heard it’s good. I liked “The Chicago Code” on Fox, but it got cancelled. And, while not a cop show per se, FX had a short run of a great show called “Terriers”. If you like “Justified”, I think you’d like that one. Best theme song, too.

      • Elliot says:

        It must have been just your house and my house that watched Terriers ! Such a shame that got cancelled (not many viewers). If you ever get chance to watch the wire, I would do. It is a lot slower and more detailed but very rewarding as it progresses. Really good.

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