Poem – the fool

Something quick and easy for you to read today. A couple of days ago I was throwing some ideas around, for poem prompts and similar. I came up with the first line below and it gave me a daft idea. I wrote this in about 15 minutes. It’s fun, it’s daft and I hope you like it.

the fool

Jim lived on a diet of potato and pork
aint nothing much to add
cept’ the time he tried Sue’s bangers and mash
fool thought that he’d been had

Jim drank for a day just whiskey and ice
thought the drink would keep him dry
fell out his bed n pissed his pants
sat there just askin why

Jim drove to the devil’s crossroads
had no plans to sell his soul
instead he just made a left
a pay road his only toll

Jim one day cut flowers for Sue
when turned up for a date
those heads fell off, left only stems
Sue laughed but made him wait

Now Jim he had a back up plan
time came he had his chance
Should a seen the look on Sue’s face
when Jim he dropped them pants

See people liked to laugh at Jim
till that fool married Sue
worth all the pennies, an looked the part
Jim laughs, the only fool is you

Lexicon word of the day: inveigle.


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