TV Vegetable – 11 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv, where Raylan says

“they say in the office I disarmed him”

– Boo, Hoo, Hoo! – That’s me sobbing as Justified has come to the end of another fabulous season.

Justified (FX)

So Quarles didn’t shoot the cop. It was Arlo, thinking he had shot Raylan. Arlo then took the fall for Boyd, protecting the son he wished he had, not the one he actually had. Yet he still saw to apologise to Raylan. After this season we now have more clues as to why Raylan is the way he is.

Quarles has been an excellent villain but if anything, his story ought to have ended a few episodes back. By this episode the focus was more on Limehouse and Boyd. Still Quarles had some great moments. Hijacking the van (the mom played by Vic Mackey’s wife from the Shield), negotiating the guns from Raylan (first asking for Ibuprofen, “No course not”), then the final showdown in Limehouse’s barn (“Ha, Ha, a real piggybank”). The gun up the arm was dealt with in the most unexpected way. Raylan grabbing the arm, but Limehouse cutting it off before he had chance to use it. The look of surprise on Raylan’s face, then him slowly moving the arm away, like Quarles was going to take it back, was an all time classic Justified scene, both shocking, surprising, and funny in the same moment.

It was no surprise to me that Boyd got off, although I wondered how this might be at first. The interplay between Boyd and Raylan has been a key component of this show. That Ava and he do not know that Johnny was plotting against them should play nicely into next season. I would also be surprised not to see Limehouse back, given Johnny’s comments to him over the phone. Note also how Ava has stepped up as a criminal having killed at least two people across the two season’s and now taking to beating her own prostitutes when she feels they have wronged her.

And to add to that I nearly forgot how fantastic that opening scene was with Raylan and Wynn Duffy. Wynn lost any kind of cool he might have had for this scene, and it played out perfectly. Wynn was involved in three fabulous scenes this season if you count this one. The other two being “You know the conversation we were going to have… this is it” and “Next one’s coming a bit faster”. I hope he is also back, but really ought to be doing jail time for the car bomb.

Oh – I also read this morning that the the second gun Raylan had, was the gun that killed Gary (that Raylan had hidden). When he said to Quarles, “you can keep that one”, that was what he was referring to. So I guess that ties that up. The writers also seemed to have covered the link with Boyd, as Boyd (with exposition dialogue) described whilst being arrested. However would Arlo taking the wrap still give a suggestion that Raylan is dodgy, even though we the audience know he isn’t?

Justified is a fabulous show, so much more than I ever thought it would be when I started watching it.

– My wife says: Eurggh and Oh (when Limehouse opened up the piggy bank.

– I say: When’s it coming back already? Oh well, I’ll have to make do with the “Raylan” book for now.

Mad Men (AMC)

I remarked last week how Don seems to be starting to look old. Are they doing something with his suits? This week he seemed to look older again. And that was before the coughing and fever.

This week had a take on the Richard Speck murders. Little Sally got scared and ended up sleeping under the couch (imitating how the only survivor from the massacre hid under the bed). Don had the feverish dream during which he strangled to death his former lover, after sleeping with her. Personally I guessed this was all in his head the moment she turned up at his apartment and got put into the service elevator. I just didn’t get how she would know where he lived. I’m assuming the purpose of this was to get to Don’s fears. We / he know that he had plenty of affairs whilst married to Betty, and is worried that his weaknesses will appear again with his current marriage.

Also playing on this theme was Ginsberg’s take on the Cinderella story, one of terror and nightmare. Interesting.

Joanie finally split up with Greg and I was actually surprised to have her refer to the forced sex back in the original mad men offices some seasons back, as this seemed to have all been forgotten about. “You were never a gentleman”. I also found it a bit odd that Greg turned up to meet his son, and within two minutes had ushered him out the door with Joan’s mum. Joanie and Roger hooking up in some way soon?

Speaking of Roger, is he going to spend the season giving away the large cash in his pocket? This week Peggy gained $400 for a weekends work, which would have been a lot in 1965. Pretty good negotiating from Peggy who is clearly currently secure in what she brings to the company, though I suspect this might be challenged by Ginsberg in the coming episodes. Also interesting was Peggy kindly taking Dawn home rather than leaving her to sleep on Don’s couch, yet still having the moment where she left her handbag on the coffee table, and felt as though she was suggesting Dawn might steal from it. Even if she wouldn’t. Personally I don’t know why she just didn’t pick the bag up commenting something along the lines of “I’ll move some of this junk out of your way” or something along those lines, but then there wouldn’t be the drama, huh?

– My wife says: OOOooooooooooooooo. I wanted to watch Titanic: The final word.

– I say: – At first I though Mad men was losing it’s edge, but upon review there was plenty to think about with this episode.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Plenty of Tyrion, now feeling more secure on the one hand, promoting Bronn to the head of the city watch, and a little less so when Varys was pointing out how he knew of Tyrion’s woman. I did like how he questioned the baby slaughter, and found out it wasn’t Cersei who ordered it.

Theon Greyjoy’s story is starting to open up. There was a bit less of him with the girl on the ship (and why he was using her), and flirting with his (then unknown to him) sister, than there was in the book. His father was well played by Patrick Malahide. His castle was maybe the best to look at thus far. Nice to see Arya’s story too. Her’s is one of my favourites from the second book.

– My wife says: Nothing she doesn’t like this show.

– I say: I’m liking Yoren and his dagger skills. Davon is pretty cool as well.

tv dinner (the rest)

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Highlights – Decent fight. The one who’s father died a few weeks back got the win on the decision. For me he easily won both rounds. The slightly annoying tickle fights next week.

Lowlights – I cannot remember any of the in house stuff. Oh yeah, this weeks fighting hairy bloke (see above) has a friend on Cruz’s team. His friend would not give up his fighting secrets. Respect.

– My wife says: I want hairy man to win.

– I say: But he’s on Faber’s team not Cruz’s.

The Killing

Slightly odd episode with Holder going off the rails a bit when he thought no one, including Linden believed him. Linden had quickly realised her mistake and was trying to get hold of him. They seemed to be back together in the end so we shall see what they come up with next week.

Stan also seems to have reconciled with some mafia types who he had tried to break free from in the past. It seems to be that they may have had a hand in Rosie being killed and that this was the price Stan had to pay for trying to break free. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood.

– My wife says: Is the wife seeing visions of Rosie or is it someone else?

– I say: Why is it still raining? Does it really rain that much?


Titanic – The Final Word – Where we got to see Jim “bossy pants” Cameron have his final word on Titanic. Actually this was pretty good. There were a team of experts providing opinion so they could work out as much as possible how the titanic broke up and sank. The explanation with a banana was particularly illuminating. The did a new animation showing how they believed it had happened. Jim pointed out with the new evidence what was wrong with the film. Good documentary, recommended.

– My wife says: Yeah, Titanic!

– I say: Ok. Ok. This one was actually very good.

Lexicon word of the day: Lambent.


3 comments on “TV Vegetable – 11 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

  1. crubin says:

    What a great summary of the “Justified” season finale. I, too, am sad it’s over but thought the send-off was great. Especially the arm–did not see that one coming. Or the piggy bank. Very clever writing. I didn’t put that together about Raylan telling Quarles to keep the gun (that killed Gary). Good pick up.

    Hard to wait the several months for its return. If this show isn’t up for a bunch of Emmys, then something is definitely wrong with the universe.

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