Haiku poem – arrogant, misguided

One day last week I had a quick burst of some Haiku poems where three or four poems would also work as a larger poem. It is kind of interesting although a little bit cheating if comparing to “larger poems”. Anyway as I had done in an earlier post, I took a lyric from a song, and used it as the basis for something completely new. This one is based on a lyric from the Beatle’s Blue Jay Way (from Magical Mystery tour which sounds quite cool in remastered form), the lyric “And my friends have lost their way”.

You can read below where I came up with something completely different (and with apologies to George Harrison, less spiritual).

I am the greatest
and my friends have lost their way
let me lead them home

Me the controller
Seize the opportunity
feed the chosen ones

Gift them this wisdom
friends there is no other way
bow down to the king

All shall salute me
I will give you a life back
be loyal to me

I shall post some more later in the week.

Lexicon word of the day: vitiate.


3 comments on “Haiku poem – arrogant, misguided

  1. Jeannie says:

    haikai no renga–linked poems written for hundreds of years from which we came to the haiku form we know now. Good job Elliot 🙂

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