Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 23 April 2012

The view from Amoeba music in Hollywood on saturday (click on the picture for their blog):

So this weeks weekend relevant prompts, for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Heat Wave – After last weeks heavy rain, the hot weather put in an appearance from last thursday. I’m not sure whether it was technically a heat wave, but it is near enough as prompts go.
  2. Amoeba – Saturday was Record shop day. This, a day of exclusive limited edition releases, released only in independent shops. Record shop day as you might be able to guess, is in support of independent music stores. I went to Amoeba in Hollywood. You can read yesterdays post for a quick report on that.
  3. Crowds  -Yep, people were queueing round the blog at Amoeba this saturday.

So here we go:

Dripping down my back

sweating, heat throttling me

I like, I complain

Eagle eyed readers may spot I used the first line on the first poem last week when writing about the rain. I’m not being lazy here, I just found it interesting to use the same line to mean two different things.

Love to feel you out

music albums in the racks 

the great Amoeba

I do love browsing in music shops, and Amoeba is one of the best.

What? a block or two?

heated crowd, record store day

No new buy for me

And bonus Haiku? Ok, I could just call it Monday’s fourth Haiku, but it’s a bonus one so be quiet at the back. This week is squats. My boy keeps doing cute, and funny, little squats (we need to get him some mini weights!):

Careful, stop, balance

squat down, smile, stand right back up

funny exercise

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Pushing myself too far at the gym was not a good thing off the back of a week off, due to a cold, and it not being 100% off my throat. Well that and adding 10 pounds to the weight I was doing sit-ups with. (I was a tiny bit sick).
  • Amoeba, great store that it is, is not the place to go on record store day unless you get there really early.
  • Technically this was thursday but anyway – Taking my 16 month old son to the beach for the first time since he started walking was just the best thing. He loved the sea getting his feet the first time so much, he took off chasing after it laughing. He loved digging in the sand too, and wandering, and wandering.
  • This one applies to my wife as much as me, but re: above point, we must remember that putting suncream on, not only applies to our son. I now have a nice “red neck” tan. We both a pair of plunkers. In my head, I cannot get sunburnt at the beach, even though I always do.
  • Liverpool Football club can dominate a game, create loads of chances, hit both the crossbar and the post, and still loose 1 nil after one defensive mistake. Oh well, at least the league position does not matter too much now.
  • I mentioned last week that the posts about spam get more spam than ever, and that anything else does. Here is one that I liked this weekend “here  is a superb Blog You might Obtain Intriguing that we Encourage You” – indeed.
Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: galumph.


3 comments on “Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 23 April 2012

  1. crubin says:

    Nothing much beats watching a toddler on a beach. No matter how grumpy one might be, there’s no way that doesn’t yield a smile.

    Great Monday Haiku.

    And for the record, your word of the day describes most of my movements. Smooth I am not, and I have the bruises to prove it. 🙂

    • Elliot says:

      It’s the greatest isn’t it? We managed to film some bits of it with the iPhone so we have some memories on digital film. We got a good one of him wandering about pointing at different stones like he’s trying to talk about them.

      I didn’t think anyone really looked at the lexicon word of the day, I mainly do that for me as a small writing exercise. Sometimes they are words I didn’t know, other times words I rarely use. I had to look again to see what word I had picked for today. It would probably describe my wife’s movements as well, also with bruises!

  2. Lol….it always astounds me , the wording in Spam comments, do they REALLY think we’ll let them through lol


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