Haiku – The words that

Same structure as before, three more Haiku poems also reading as a larger one. Inspiration, using a word prompt from a song same as on this post. This one takes a line from P J Harvey’s “The words that maketh murder” (from her superb album from last year  “Let England Shake”). PJ Harvey has been around as an artist since the early nineties. After the first couple of albums she has tried to do something a little different on each subsequent album. This last one was considered by many critics to be the album of last year.  Check out the live version of The words that maketh murder below. The are plenty of other good live versions of songs from this album (and the others) on Youtube. If you are looking for a female artist / musician to follow, get interested in, you could do a lot worse than PJ. The line I used is also the title, the words that maketh murder.

On beautiful land
Cows stand and eat in the sun
without people, breathe

Here, herd up the cows
The words that maketh murder
sharp winter coming

Beef Roast, Potatoes
Smells, tastes, good, fill up, enjoy
Man is animal

Lexicon word of the day: lily-livered.


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