TV Vegetable – 25 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv, where we are not seeing the day from three different perspectives.

Mad Men (AMC)

So this week we focus on a day from three different perspectives, from Peggy, Roger, then Don. Early on I was thinking that for the main star, Don had not been in the episode much, which of course became clear as to why later. So let’s do a quick focus on all three perspectives.

Peggy was up first. She had a tough call with the Heinz pitch, essentially doing exactly what Don would do, but being a female in the mid sixties, it did not come off as well. Had Don been in the room and backed her up, it could easily have gone differently. It failed because the Heinz man liked the nostalgia but didn’t think that the younger audience he was after would have the same vibe. Peggy went on to share some pot with a guy in the cinema, before giving him a hand job. Nice jump cut to her washing her hands. Then she had a weird, and a little sad conversation with Ginsberg. I can still see them getting it on at some point. She sympathises with him too much although I’m now thinking she might be too much for him.

Roger was up next, accompanying the wife to a dinner party he did not want to go to. The genius of this was Roger on LSD. Mad men did a great job of not getting all psychedelic and colourful, but instead making him calm and peaceful but with some odd moments. The musical bottle of gin and the shrinking cigarette were two highlights. Roger’s thoughtful approach to it all was well played by John Slattery. The way it finished off his marriage was a joy, and a clever way of doing things without it getting too heated, or Roger being caught in the act with another woman. Both Roger and Joan are soon to be divorced, the baby is Roger’s anyway. Which way will it go?

For a time it looked like Don’s marriage might also be heading for the exit doors after he misunderstood Megan again, resulting in an argument, then him abandoning her at the roadside. He has opened up to her more than any other woman, so a simple comment about his mother touches a bigger raw nerve. But Megan wants to be more valued at work than just as Don’s wife. She doesn’t want to be taken away and then just be a part of his work, she wants to make some of her decisions. We are getting the impression that although this is Don’s attempt at happiness, with the way the culture is changing, they may just be too far apart in age and taste, something touched upon in the first episode of the season with the party and dance. Don is a little too set in his ways, and when he reacts badly, he’s a bit of a monster i.e. leaving his wife on the roadside in the middle of nowhere. In the end they reconciled, but for how long. Bert Cooper does not have a big role to play in the show these days, but a small moment is a significant one, pointing out to Don that he hasn’t been at work for a while, leading the love life (or something along those lines, I forget exactly what he said). This probably means more grief for Peggy, but what else.

– My wife says: Nothing, she was watching my big fat gypsy wedding in the other room

– I say: – Roger on acid. Classic.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Nice scenes with Arya once again. The torture scene she was witness to, had me open mouthed all the way through. I’m not surprised Tywin Lannister spotted she was a girl, she never looked like a boy to me.

Tyrion still gets many of the best dialogue scenes, first stopping Joff the c**t (as Bronn would have it) then making Lancel his mole. Joff is becoming ever more the monster. The scene where he made one whore beat the other was also a bit of a shocker. It will be interesting to see how the show deals with that next week. A third almost shocking, but not quite as much, scene was that of the red priestess giving birth. Having read the book, I know what happens next (assuming they do the same thing in the show) but it was still very well done.

Nice cutting of the dire wolf attacking Lannisters men back to Robb. A little hint of what is to come there. Also the scene of Littlefinger and Cat, and how this switched once Ned’s bones arrived. HBO is doing a great job with this show.

– My wife says:  See Mad Men

– I say: The two torture scenes and the birth scene were great for a single episode.

Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME)

Jackie is out of rehab early. I was wondering if this meant a relapse, but not yet. She had a small opportunity to get more drugs. She decided to grass up the supplier instead, the big grass. She now has feelings again, I’m sure this will lead to more potential relapse situations. We’re currently getting less Akalitus who had been getting some forced situations last year which didn’t fit much with the rest of the story. Fitch also wasn’t in it much, but was funny when he was (his “spriiing breeeaaakk” moment was great). That guy needs a decent story again. I’m also liking the new guy Dr Cruz. So far the season is back on form.

– My wife says: I liked the scene with Zoey and her boyfriend, where one day a month she hoped he was different? What you trying to say Wifey?

– I say: Who is the father of Dr Eleanor’s baby? Oh she doesn’t know.

tv dinner (the rest)

Veep Pilot (HBO)

New comedy centred around vice president Selina Meyer. It was created by Armando Iannucci who was responsible for political comedy The thick of it (which I have in my dvd pile to watch) and excellent political film In the Loop. It stars Elaine from Seinfeld, and her supporting team include Byron Bluth from Arrested Development, and the blonde girl from My Girl, now all growed up.

On first glance it might appear to be a take on Sarah Palin, but Selina seems quite far from that, it also does not appear to be political in the sense of political leanings. I’ve no idea what side she is on. It is more about power, how people try and get it and use it, and are abused by it. So far it is not hilariously funny but it seems a little clever and amusing. The characters seem ok on first viewing, so I guess we shall see how this pans out over a few episodes once we get to know them some more. No foul mouthed Malcolm Tucker type as yet so that might turn out to be a loss, problem, or however you want to put it.

– My wife says: OK I suppose.

– I say: Good enough to want to keep watching.

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Highlights – Decent three round fight. Tickle got chewed out for losing and not listening to his corner. It seemed a bit harsh given the guy was essentially out of the show now.

Lowlights – Dana white’s motivational speech. Couldn’t tell what he was saying mostly, due to all the beeped out swearing. The sobbing Geordie – pull it together man.

– My wife says: I think Cruz is a nice guy.

– I say: Now 3 -3 and it seems about fair. Looking forward to see Sam fighting next week.

The Killing (AMC)

Holder and Linden caught up with the friend of Rosie. He had been following Stan with a view to killing him but became friends with Rosie. His big revelation at the end of the episode was Stan was not Rosie’s real father. Er, yeah, so what? Stan also got to kiss his wife’s sister, not sure what was going on there. Was that then a scene of her getting into a car later in the episode, or the young prostitute, Stan’s wife had been having dinner with? I couldn’t tell. Was the sister also working as an escort / hooker and connected with Rosie in this way?

What is with all the time spent with the politician? He is obviously connected in some way. His friend found out that the fake photo of him on the video camera on the bridge, had been supplied by his opposition. Ok. What about all the emails as well that were found at the end of season one? This show is a little improved but still has a few weak spots.

– My wife says: Where is Linden’s son? Why is she never there looking after him?

– I say: The bits with that dull politician are really driving me mad. Boooorrriiiinng.

Lexicon word of the day: iniquity.


6 comments on “TV Vegetable – 25 April 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

  1. crubin says:

    I like Julia Louis Dreyfus, so I may have to check out VEEP. It got pretty good reviews, but for me to watch a show like this, it has to be REALLY good. As you know, I like my dramas. 🙂

    And thanks for teaching me another new word. I am happy to say, I do not favor iniquity…

    • Elliot says:

      I’m not sure it is really good yet, but I will update in a couple of episodes time. Did you ever see Arrested Development? That was one of the best for non stop laughs and in my opinion, one of the best ever.

      • crubin says:

        I did watch that for a few years. Was really good–not sure why I stopped watching the last season or two. Guess life got in the way. 🙂

      • Elliot says:

        Well it only did two and a half seasons as it got cancelled but it did have a bit of an ending. I think it is coming back as a netflix streaming series, something like 9 new episodes with the original cast.

  2. Glad to read that you watched and wrote about the latest episode of Mad Men, because as you said, “Roger on acid. Classic.”

    I say, yes indeed! As I’ve mentioned previously, I love the show and never miss it, and I also love the way that Roger Sterling is so dryly funny and unflappable; even while on acid. Mad Men never ceases to amaze, delight and surprise me, as well as make me think about the changing dynamics of society during the last 40 years.

    • Elliot says:

      Well I love Mad men as well and it’s a relief that the standard of this season has been as high as ever. The previous weeks fight with the “he had chewing gum on his pubis” line was superb.

      I was a little worried at first with the Acid idea, hoping that they didn’t go too psychedelic, where instead it seemed more grounded and real (although whether it is real or not is beside the point, it just felt that way). Having Roger do it rather than Don meant they could utilise more of the humour but underpin it with a warm feeling (given the break up circumstances). Plus Roger gets many of the best lines anyway so it had me both excited and nervous at the same time, well until he opened the bottle of gin.

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