Poem – The River


Just a poem for you today, it’s called the river. Initially, after unfortunately getting the title a little too soon, Joni Mitchell’s song “The River” (from her classic album Blue) kept springing to mind. However that was not an influence on this, hence why I’m not posting a youtube link. You can see mine turned out a little different and is about something different entirely. Although I should add, if you don’t know the Joni Mitchell song, it’s a “good un”, check it out.

Float up the river
on a stage of iron and wood
feast on the memory
of a story once was

Sever the spine
from the flesh to the root
peel open the skin
bleed a sweeter juice

Flow the thoughts
muddied water, dried up bed
run amongst masses
push the weight

Feel the breeze
sear cross my face
breath in the sound
smell the crashing breaks

The mind keeps wandering
like the river never still
fear the cleansing
wash my ideas, distill my essence
into the seas

Lexicon word of the day: tabernacle.


4 comments on “Poem – The River

  1. I like Joni Mitchell “The Circle Song” The circle is much like the river metaphorically and spiritually as well.

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