Haiku – A change

Same structure as before, three more Haiku poems also reading as a larger one. Inspiration, using a word prompt from a song same as on this post. This one takes a line from the Super Furry animals track “(It’s not) the end of the world” (from their album “Rings around the world”). I did a post on the Super Furry animals here.  Check out the live version of the song as performed on Later.. with Jools Holland below. The line I used is, before the end of the day.

Chill of the morning
fear another day go wrong
wonder what to do

Choose, not mope around
only you can make the change
just focus and do it

Info is power
seek it out and you shall learn
master a new skill

Actions not just words
before the end of the day
breathe easily again

Lexicon word of the day: Popple.


2 comments on “Haiku – A change

  1. Ann Marquez says:

    I like this Haiku … and “popple” ? hmm? Isn’t it interesting how the sound of the word doesn’t fit it’s definition at all? Thanks for adding the daily lexicons. 😀

    • Elliot says:

      Thanks Ann. Yeah, popple is interesting isn’t it? I didn’t think anyone paid any attention to the daily lexicon, I was just doing it as a writing exercise for me! That said several people have commented on words over the last week or two so I guess some notice is being taken.

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