TV Vegetable – 02 May 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv, where we are suggesting not all awards lead to a good party.

Mad Men (AMC)

Almost the final scene of this weeks show had Don, Megan, Megan’s parents, and Sally sitting round a table, their evening not having been what expected and each either being in a state of disappointment, shock, betrayal or a thing other than happy and content. Peggy also ended the episode in a disappointed state, having once again disappointed her mother through little fault of her own other than being a progressive female (of the era), and attempting to be honest.

Thinking about it, so many things occurred in this episode. Fabulous, was the visit of Megan’s parents, clearly having some difficulties, subtly suggesting that their lives might not have panned out as they expected or had hoped. Megan’s father did not approve of Don’s lavish lifestyle and indicated to Megan that he had expected her to earn it rather than be given it. The irony being of course, that she had just had her biggest career success to date. Megan’s mother seemed to have wanted the success Megan was getting, or at least the lifestyle, and having tension with her husband, that she never got it.

One nice scene was Peggy and Joan talking after Peggy had received the phone call about the evening date and assuming she would be dumped. Had this been a few seasons back, Joan would have used it as an excuse to poke fun at Peggy, but things have progressed beyond that now and each has a respect for the other. If anything, Joan made Peggy expect too much, and get dolled up to go to the date. Peggy was expecting a marriage proposal but seemed to take moving in together in her stride. In fact she did so well with the idea, that we really felt for her, when her mother ripped into her later.

Another success to enjoy was Megan on the Heinz account. Not only did she have a good idea, then one up Don on the tag line, but she was able to tip off Don in the restaurant that they were being fired, allow him to do his thing, then prompt him to keep it going as though made up on the spot. Don knew it wasn’t his idea and is comfortable in his own position enough to give credit where due. However this was all about playing to Raymond’s ego, note how they pretended not to have thought of his casting idea. Megan understands how this works so did not go over the top with it. In fact it took a nice scene with Peggy telling her how important it was, for her to enjoy it.

Which brings us back to the party. Roger still in his post LSD, chilled out mode, was a sort of date for Don’s daughter Sally. I’m beginning to think John Slattery could be given a 15 minute dialogue scene with a table and still make it interesting and funny. Roger was great again in interactions with Sally and Megan’s mother Marie. Sally unexpectedly seeing Roger getting the blow job was both toe curling and funny. Don getting told by Ken’s father in law that no-one would want to touch him now for fear of being bitten by the hand that feeds dulled his evening. Not sure I entirely believe it yet, but it should give some mileage for the second half of the season.

If unaware, note how Rogers ex-wife is played by his actual real life wife, so it was a nice return for her. Mad men is great still. We are half way through the season already.

– My wife says: Nothing, she was watching my big fat gypsy wedding in the other room

– I say: – John Slattery is the greatest.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Nice scenes with Arya again, first with chief Lannister, then with Jaqen H’ghar giving her three death wishes, i.e. of people she wants dead. I’m not sure the executioner was one killed in the book but I see who he might have replaced  (or I could be remembering incorrectly). Still it makes for good fun.

Tyrion also gets good scenes and his continual plotting being aware of the position they are really in, and scheming how he can win.

Of course we are now a King down after the ghost demon killed Renly. Brienne and Cat had to run as obvious suspects for the murder, giving Cat a new guard. Theon despite being baptised is still viewed as an idiot. Note how he became aware of what it would take for most of the Winterfell guard to leave, then later, most of the guard did leave. Oh what is he scheming? Dany had a marriage proposal, then a reason not to accept it. Like the dragons so far

– My wife says:  See Mad Men

– I say: Still a good episode but not as memorable as the Mad men episode. Oh the snow mountain scenes with Robb Snow were beautifully shot.


Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME)

Crikey, I’m actually enjoying this season quite a bit. The drama has improved as a result of actions having consequences, and it gives the jokes a bit more depth. It is funny again. Edie Falco continues to be excellent in the lead role. Not sure why Zoey was at the fair with Jackie and the kids at the beginning of the episode but it was amusing enough. We have more potential drama with Jackie’s rehab friend being the new boss’s son, and with Kevin getting information about Jackie’s addiction and threatening to take the kids. Rosie Perez was also very good as the pregnant looking tumour girl. Things are going on, this show is good again.

– My wife says: I would be probing Dr Eleanor to know who the father is.

– I say: Got to like Thor’s talk on depression tablets and erections.

tv dinner (the rest)

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Highlights – Good fight, I thought it may go to a third round, but ended in a split decision. 8 second knockout man Sam, lost the decision. The guys sweating out Cruz’s locker was also amusing. The female MMA champ teaching Judo was nice, but more amusing was all the guys not knowing how to act with her whilst watching the pay per view.

Lowlights – Cannot think of anything.

– My wife says: I don’t like watching fighting much (but I’ve watched each weeks fight

– I say: The sobbing Geordie is up next week. He’ll probably lose (Brit fighters tend to be crap at wrestling as they don’t do it at school / college level like they do in the US.

The Killing (AMC)

We now have a spooky stalker for Linden, which ended with Linden and son asking to stay at Holder’s place. He didn’t question why. As expected, Stan not being Rosie’s blood father was no big deal, he knew before she was born and brought her up as his own. Rosie’s mum spent a lot of time with the teenage runaway / possible prostitute, before getting robbed by her. There was a letter in what was presumable Rosie’s box stating she, or someone was two months pregnant. I got a bit lost with that.

Less time but still too much with the boring politician. Is he still in the race, a week after being shot and paralysed? I guess he is. Also Rosie’s boyfriend led to some weird connections for his dad. He seems connected in some way but not sure how. He had his son return to the police to say he had faked the text, but it wasn’t clear enough whether he actually had or not, or his father forced him to say he had. He also seems to have had a relationship with Rosie’s aunt. Hmm…

– My wife says: Why isn’t Rosie’s mum wanting to go back to her boys? How can she leave them so long?

– I say: How could that lad not see Stan sitting in his car, he was right across the road? I must be nosey because if a car was sat opposite my house with the driver staring across, I’m pretty sure I would notice. Oh, the lad did notice. Thought so.

Lexicon word of the day: kowtow.


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