Poem – Drift Unto

Little poem for today. I’m using “unto” as the archaic term for until.

Drift Unto

Slipping toward
a fever of discontent
yellow daffodils
feed a childs eye
claw back up to
an adults mind

Searing yellow
the heat of the sun
swelter inside
the boil
the crush
drift unto

Twist the needle
flow right through
butter up the bread
layer with red
shoot, ellipse the stars
bright white
cool night

Shiver, frosty morning
crystallised grass
smell, the spring sun
flicker back and forth
it comes
it goes
flutter away
drift unto

Lexicon word of the day: elegiac.


4 comments on “Poem – Drift Unto

  1. Smaktakula says:

    I love the word elegiac. I rarely use it, but then–who does? I had the most trouble with the third stanza, but it’s my favorite.

  2. Ann Marquez says:

    This feels like a song to me … “it comes, it goes, flutter away, drift unto”
    Lovely photo. Where is this seashore?

  3. Elliot says:

    I might be better at writing songs than poems!

    I think I took this one somewhere on the Big Sur coast. Very pretty up there.

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