Haiku – looking for easy money

Before todays regular post I want to point out that my comments to other blogs now appear to be going to the spam folder. I know I’m not the only person experiencing this recently. I’m not sure how or why. It gives the appearance when posting, of your typed in comment disappearing, after you submitted it. I’ve checked with a few people and it is comments being posted, but ones that are going to the spam folder. I have contacted Akismet to see if they can remove me from the spam list. Anyhoo…

N.B. Update – I contacted Akismet using http://akismet.com/contact/ and they responded pretty quickly (within 24 hours). If I comment I am no longer going into people’s spam folders, so it appears to have been solved for now.

This is a another three Haiku poems designed to be read as a larger poem. Like this previous posted Haiku it is inspired by a line from a song, which must then feature in the Haiku. The Haiku is not to be a copy of the song this is taken from but something new. This one takes a line from Bruce Springsteen’s “easy money” (from his current album wrecking ball, which seems quite inspired from his Seeger sessions work). The line is “looking for easy money”. A live version of the track is below:

Sitting at our home
enough money for bills
but little all else

What job should I get?
looking for easy money
want a lazy life?

Need work to enjoy
more cash would be nice as well
better decide soon.

See nothing too serious. Or is it? Well for many yes, and I’m not trying to make light of anyone’s situation. This is just a situation for one person and the lackadaisical approach taken by this protagonist.

Lexicon word of the day: Lackadaisical.


5 comments on “Haiku – looking for easy money

  1. Jeannie says:

    I like these Elliot. First, I’d rather see this attitude than the hard-nose drive for earning money, to the exclusion of all else that matters in life. Second, it’s only money. I’ve lived my whole life with “just enough” and not much left over. It’s not too bad a way to go as long as you are fine with no extravagant vacations, oodles of electronic toys, fancy cars, etc. I’m not a miser…but have great fun seeing how far i can stretch a dollar…:) Raised our whole family that way and everyone turned out just fine…LOL

    • Elliot says:

      I have a friend who wanted to work hard, earn what he could so he can retire early, pay off mortgage etc. This is a good plan if it works out. However, I always thought, what if you fell under a bus when you were e.g. 45. Then you spent your whole life busting your ass, and didn’t get to enjoy much of it. I prefer to find a balance if possible, so I can enjoy life and earn enough to pay the bills.

  2. Ann Marquez says:

    My favorite word is “improvise.” You can do a lot, have a lot, create a lot, by keeping this word in mind. I agree with Jeannie, I enjoyed the challenge of stretching that dollar … while raising our little family of four on one income. I never felt poor, but always blessed. I don’t think my kids never felt poor either.
    Another good Haiku 😀

    • Elliot says:

      Thanks Ann. – No disagreement from me!

      It is interesting the view, Jeannie and yourself have taken. I wasn’t specifically trying to put it that way, but I can see how it reads that way. Not that I’m complaining.

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