TV Vegetable – 16 May 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv, where we are considering alternative pathways to those in the book.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

This season of Game of Thrones has followed the second book, but also made enough departures to keep it interesting for anyone who has read it. A few smaller characters have been left out altogether, a few brought in or changed. Some scenes have been cut, some scenes barely hinted at in the book have been expanded on.

One example is Jamie escaping and being caught again. This is mentioned in the book as occurring whilst Cat was away (unless it happens in the third book which I haven’t read yet). Jamie was clever in appealing to his distant relative’s vanity before murdering him. Jamie is good at murder which he also seemed keen to explain before committing it.

A further example is Arya’s interaction’s with Chief Lannister. She keeps giving away that she is far more intelligent than she is trying to convince, something Tywin cut’s through with ease. Yet he gives he some credit, and enjoys the interactions, even giving her back some history of himself. He is a difficult character to hate, and illustrates well the shades of grey in many of the characters.

Example three, is in Qarth where we get to the mystery of who stole the dragons, and get with some more murder action on the rest of the council. Dany must now enter the house of the Warlock (I forget it’s name).

I loved the scene with Cersei and Sansa, then the later scene with Cersei and Tyrion, where we find out that Cersei knows exactly what sort of person Joffrey is, and doesn’t know how to control him. But not only that, the dog knows it as well.

Then we finish with Theon, trying to prove himself as the new host of Winterfell. First having to beat up one of his own men, then making a poor job of catching the escaped Brann and Rickon. There were two tarred and therefore hidden bodies hanging at the end, but who did they belong to? Perhaps the clue is that there was only two of them?

– My wife says:  See Mad Men

– I say: I didn’t mention above, but the Jon Snow scenes were also a bit of a departure from the book. At least the second book anyway.

 Mad Men (AMC)

Just a mini look at Mad Men this week, the longer one will return next week. Don’s lack of motivation and feel for the times began to catch up with him this week. He’s feeling the fear of the up and coming Ginsberg, but is still in a position where he can waltz in and stick it to him. Meanwhile Betty was feeling ok about herself until seeing a slim Megan in her underwear. She tried to get at them via Sally, but they handled it as well as they could. All it did in the end was teach Sally how to scheme in a more intelligent way. Got to love Sally’s line to Megan about “are you going to practise crying again?”. Also got to love Roger and Ginsberg. John Slattery can seriously work with anyone.

– My wife says: Nothing, she was watching something else.

– I say: – Don’s note to Megan was maybe his best work in a while. Simple, short and very effective.

tv dinner (the rest)

Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME)

Still good. Liking the divorce action, Jackie and head honcho dream getting it on action, Zoe living with Jackie, and Fitch annoying Eleanor. Plus he asked her who the father of the baby is. Who is the father, come on tell us?

– My wife says: Why didn’t Eddie tell Kevin that he didn’t know what Jackie took (pills)?

– I say: I cannot believe this hospital is this nice to patients all the time.



Having seen the episodes broadcast on HBO thus far, conclusions are that this is very strong. It’s not, gag, gag, gag, in the way something like Arrested Development was (and hopefully is again on the netflix revival), but it is choc full of clever dialogue, and funny one liners. Elaine from Seinfeld is fabulous as the vice president, grown up blonde girl from “My Girl” is also good as chief of staff. Well to be honest (which I assume you want), they are all good. Particularly like Jonah, the White House liaison, but that seems to be doing a disservice to everyone else.

– My wife says: This is funny.

– I say: I like it. Hit. Thumbs up, etc, etc.

The Killing (AMC)

Linden immediately got on the hunt looking for Holder. For some odd reason, her boss didn’t want to go looking for him, even though it is one of his staff, and he is therefore responsible for him. They found him ok but Linden had to turn in her badge. We learnt that Rosie was working at the casino, but not as a prostitute, as a maid / cleaner. She must have seen something on that tenth floor, but what?

Stan got some leads via his requests through the media, but it led to nothing much other than a few people wanting to take advantage. The lady claiming she too had lost a child then asked for money so she could contact Rosie for him was particularly nasty / harrowing.

No mention of the child authorities after Linden’s son, who she promptly shipped off to stay with his father anyway. Not too much boring politician this week.

– My wife says: When did Linden last sleep? She has been up for two days now.

– I say: Why didn’t the girl from the casino bring this information forward two weeks ago? Her colleague and friend was murdered for ******’s sake.

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Highlights – The two semi finals. The second one went to a third round with Michael Chiesa beating number one pick Lawrence via TKO. Both men were tired going into that third round. It was possibly the fight of the season thus far.

Lowlights – A bit about Cruz snapping his ACL. He will continue as coach but cannot fight Faber in the summer. Faber remains on the card with opponent to be determined.

– My wife says: Why are two blue fighters lined up against each other next week?

– I say: Because Faber’s team won the opening matches 5 – 3


Lexicon word of the day: Imperforate.


4 comments on “TV Vegetable – 16 May 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

  1. Game of Thrones? Dont get it. then again, didn’t get the Huger Games until I read the book- and became obsessed with the books. Veep- have not seen- would love to!

    • Elliot says:

      The books are very long but I don’t think they are as bogged down as Tolkien’s books. I think the show attracted many people with it’s “down to earth”-ness making it seem sort of real even as it begins to reach into more fantasy elements. It is one of those shows you have to see from the beginning to understand what is going on.

      Veep is definitely worth seeing.

  2. Ann Marquez says:

    Love VEEP! But then again politics is my thing. 🙂
    Other than The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher … I finally have a real show to watch 🙂

    • Elliot says:

      I often watch Bill Maher as well. It is odd how busy sunday has become recently with things I like to watch, although most shall come to an end in a few weeks.

      I have Armando Iannucci’s English show “The Thick of it” on dvd but haven’t had chance to watch it yet. It has the marvellous foul mouthed Malcolm Tucker who featured in the spin off film “In the loop”. I would recommend that film if you have not seen it. If you love Veep, you will love that.

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