TV Vegetable – 23 May 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

 Welcome to this weeks tv vegetable, my (sometime) weekly round up of some consumed tv, where we are considering how there is only two episodes of Game of Thrones left already.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

In the books, some early chapters of book three occur in the timeline at the end of some events at the end of book two. The show has put them back into roughly the correct place. Therefore we got a few chapters from book three, but like I discussed last week, these scenes were a bit different to the book. Brienne and Jamie being the first of them, and potentially ruining an advantage Robb has. But Robb was doing a good job of ruining his advantages himself, by getting it on with Talisa. It was a nice moment between them, and interesting how Robb explained that his father Ned, had explained the nature of fear. This get together is only mentioned as in the past, in the book.

The other scene which was actually a mix of parts from book two and three put together, involved John Snow and his capture by the wildlings. Clearly the intention is that John will need to kill Halfhand, his fellow man of the black, so he can infiltrate the wildlings some more. We shall see how that works out. Maybe we will also meet Mance next week.

Two of the best scenes this week involved Tyrion. The first with Cersei who thought she had the upper hand, but taking the wrong whore prisoner. Tyrion to his credit, continued the double bluff. The scene with Varys discussing “the game”, might have been even better. Clever, fun, and nice scenery.

Theon also got a nice scene with his sister after she turned up at Winterfell, but without the army Theon hoped for. She tried to point out where he was going wrong, but Theon is too proud and stupid to see it. Later it was revealed that Brann and Rickon had survived (note, if they had all been caught, surely Hodor would be hanging as well, along with a certain guard killing female). How will this pan out? This is slightly different from the book, but not a large departure so it will be interesting to see where they are going with it. I’m not sure why it was left until the end of the episode to reveal it, although in terms of the time sequence, this fitted in better.

There was Little of Dany, but I suspect we shall see the house of death next week. A small scene with Stannis and Davos, illustrating why Davos is the onion knight. I would argue there has not been enough of Stannis in the past week or two given the importance of him approaching Kings Landing for the battle. Meanwhile Arya, Gendry and Hotpie appear to have escaped from Harrenhill. I believe Arya killed a guard in the escape in the book, but in the show, she is still to kill anyone yet. But what of Jacqen now the three kills are up?

– My wife says:  See Mad Men

– I say: Only two episodes to go I think.

 Mad Men (AMC)

Has Don got the motivation back, or has it all passed him. More tension came to a head with Megan. First the play that had a go at advertising and consumerism (a real play of the time). Then Don complained he found work boring without her. Megan pointed out he was great at the job long before she arrived, which motivated Don to give the speech in the boardroom get together at the end of the episode. Earlier on, Don was great to watch taking Joanie out. There is great chemistry in watching those two work together, so perhaps one of the writers or producers will have noted this and will put them in some future scenes together. Poor old Joanie getting served her divorce papers, still not a good position for a woman with child, to be in at that time period. Her strop at the receptionist was a classic. “When do I tell them about the baby?” she asked Don whilst sitting at the bar. “After the first date” suggested Don (please forgive the adverb there, writer chums).

We also got the return of Paul Kinsey, who seems to have hit the bottom since being left behind at the old agency. These were possibly some of the best scenes with Harry outside of accompanying Don to the Rolling Stones concert in the opening episode. It was funny how Harry seemed to immediately get the Hare Krishna chanting and had a vision of his daughter, but didn’t get taken in by it. Paul was not getting that experience, but it turned out he was their best recruiter. Harry was attracted to “Mother Lakshmi” and was quick to get into nailing her in the office even if it later got turned round on him. Harry seemed to be more bothered about cheating on Paul than his wife. Still it was a funny scene. As was Paul’s Star Trek spec script which wasn’t actually as unsubtle as some of the episodes that did air. Harry did genuinely feel for his friend in the end though and coughed up some cash to start a new life of confidence slashing and rejection, trying to make it as a writer in LA. Good luck on that one, although it would be funny if we catch up with him again and he has found some success.

Another good gag was referring to meeting at Burt Cooper’s office, i.e. the bathroom (he doesn’t have a regular office, he just hangs out). Lane’s story was sort of desperate and interesting but also seemed slightly split off from the rest of the stories, in a way that for example, Harry’s story didn’t. I suspect this will come back to bite Lane and maybe the firm, but we shall see.

– My wife says: Nothing, she was watching something else.

– I say: – Not much Roger this week, but we now do know that he knows, that he is the father of Joanie’s baby.

tv dinner (the rest)

Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME)

This season where doing something now has consequences, has been so much better. Jackie is sticking to the sobriety, but all the mistakes she has made in the past are coming back to get her. In this weeks episode she gave the boss a helping hand, then got one in return, only to be revealed at the end of the episode as Charlie’s rehab friend. Now there is a weeks break. What? With that cliff hanger?

– My wife says: Zoe was dumping Lenny. Why?

– I say: Got to love the guy with dementia who thought he still worked at the hospital, who apologised to the guy who got dropped on his head.

The Killing (AMC)

I’m beginning to hit the point with this show where I’m lost with it. Too many things happen which I just don’t believe. Why is Linden so obsessed? She has been suspended, her boy has gone to his fathers. Can’t she just say it is someone else’s case now? She has her (ex) partner running round with her, having had him beaten up last week. What is she not done with ruining him? Anyhoo, we got the idea that Rosie was murdered on the tenth floor in the Indian casino / hotel for something she witnessed, which may have involved some bloke from the other week, who’s name escapes me. Ok. How would you ever prove this?

Stan had to look after his boys after one got suspended for two weeks from school after killing some baby birds. Two weeks? I know what he did was nasty, but look at what the lad has been through in the past three weeks. His sister was murdered. Stan got angry with them, then realised that they were all hurting and making bad behaviour choices. Actually, I thought this was the best thing they had done with Stan all season.

Why does the boring politician only have two staff when he is running for mayor? If I ran I would have more staff. If he wins I’m moving. Oh, hold on, I don’t live there.

– My wife says: Really, why hasn’t the mother gone home? How can she leave her boys for that long?

– I say: Why didn’t the boss just put Holder on a week’s sick leave pending reassignment?

The Ultimate Fighter (FX)

Highlights – The second quarter finals (I made a mistake and said Semi last week). Both fights went the way as expected. The sobbing Geordie met a better fighter and got picked apart. At least he took the defeat as a lesson.

Lowlights – Nothing of note, it was mainly fights this week.

– My wife says: I want the guy in red to win. (She remembered she liked Cruz’s team this week).

– I say: The sobbing Geordie is gone, but both semi final matches are this coming friday.


Lexicon word of the day: felicitous.


3 comments on “TV Vegetable – 23 May 2012 – adventures from the edge of the couch

  1. Smaktakula says:

    I don’t watch enough TV I guess–I haven’t seen any of these. My wife enjoys Game Of Thrones–both the book and TV series.

    • Elliot says:

      I don’t watch much of it either. I do like a good drama show and everything seems to be on at once. The rest of the week I don’t watch hardly any (or I’m just catching up with what was on on sunday).

  2. Don’t watch much regular TV because MSNBC on most of the day but I have been watching the Big Bang and Two and a Half Men and I can say that these are the only two sitcoms that have ever made me laugh out loud.

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