Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 18 June 2012

This weeks weekend relevant prompts for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Family Reunion – inspired by a trip to a family reunion on my wife’s mother’s side of the family. Sadly it involved a trip to Laughlin, Nevada, although the thing itself was in nearby Bullhead City. I’m not a big fan of that place and it was extremely hot (109 F on saturday afternoon).
  2. Road Trip – It was a bit of a drive to the above.
  3. Fathers day – Regular readers will know this is my second Fathers day.

So here we go:

The dreaded return

family reunion

who are these people?

It wasn’t that big, or mostly wasn’t as bad as the Haiku suggests, but it wasn’t something my wife and I had great enthusiasm for.

On the road again

the beauty of the desert

who wants to live there?

And the desert drive is a bit dull.

Second Fathers day

So happy to have my son

no socks present yet

Bonus Haiku is looking at the fabulous place of Laughlin, Nevada. We stayed in the Harrah’s hotel. It seems to be full of old people gambling their last days away, and others who think they are old, doing the same thing. Planning your trip there, check it out here. Bonus Haiku between the lines below:


Sweating my nuts off

Someone forgot the cold switch

Laughlin, Nevada

And in the hotels:

Where are the young uns?

Tis land of the walking dead

It’s no way to go


Things I learned this weekend:

  • I’m more familiar with Laughlin and nearby Bullhead, than perhaps I would like to be.
  • My boy likes to give his parents the look of having stayed up all evening gambling by waking up in the middle of the night (on friday night) and staying a awake for nearly three hours.
  • The reunion was not as bad as I thought it might be, in fact, some of it was fun.
  • My son isn’t bothered by large groups of people. He was quite happy wandering around and saying hello in his own way.
  • I witnessed a good example of how history can be rewritten, as some tales were told of the deceased Grandpa (who passed away at the end of last year).
Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: charmeuse.


20 comments on “Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 18 June 2012

  1. Smaktakula says:

    Glad you ended up having something of a good time. Isn’t that so often the case when we dread that something will be a crashing bore? And it’s actually a good thing that your kid can affect the look of a wearied gambler–it shows he’s versatile.
    And 109*, yikes. Fortunately, you’re no doubt acclimated to such dry, scorching weather having just returned from England.
    Sounds like you and I have a similar impression of Laughlin. I don’t care much for Nevada in general (sorry, Nevadans–I’m sure some of you are perfectly nice people, and everyone loved the Cartwright Boys), particularly that festering sore of the high desert, Jackpot. I don’t care for Vegas. Despite being no stranger in my time to a variety of vices, I’ve never been much of a gambler. I find Las Vegas to be shallow, decadent and vulgar. When a cad like myself levies such charges, you know it’s got to be wretched.

    • crubin says:

      I am headed to Vegas soon with my youngest son. What kind of mother takes her child to Vegas? I don’t gamble; I don’t enjoy the heat; and I’ve never desired to go there. But I have a very talented card magician for a son who’s desperate to see Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, and so on and so on. Mother and son bonding. Let’s just hope, unlike in your Haiku, I don’t sweat “my nuts off.”

      • Elliot says:

        Well the good thing about Vegas is the gambling isn’t too much “something you have to do”, because you can go there and see shows or exhibitions, or shop. There is plenty of other stuff. I do like it there for a few days, and I have no interest in gambling at all. You might want to tell your son to avoid the cards that people on the streets hand out, more for your benefit than his.

      • crubin says:

        Yeah, I figured we’d just mosey right on past those. 😉

      • Elliot says:

        When my wife was about 6 or 7 months pregnant (and clearly so) and we went down there to catch up with someone, they were still trying to hand us the cards. What they thought we would do with them is anyone’s guess.

      • Smaktakula says:

        Your son might really enjoy the “Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch.”

      • crubin says:

        Yes, I’m sure he would. Although, given he’s still pre-teen, he’d probably enjoy making them disappear more. But I suppose come puberty, the magic will take a back seat…

      • Smaktakula says:

        The magic will happen in the back seat.

      • crubin says:

        Well, now there’s a nice thought. Sorry, Elliot. We have officially tainted your blog entry with this string of comments.

      • Smaktakula says:

        Sorry–as a dad I may have a different perspective on things.

  2. Elliot says:

    At least in Vegas you can go see some shows and exhibitions, and some of the hotels have good comedy value. You can go there and avoid gambling. In Laughlin there is pretty much nothing else. Poolside or river beach? Not for too long at that temperature. – Although you can buy discount guns. Not sure what use I have for that.

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    I’ll pass on the gambling. My husband and I flew in and out of Las Vegas for a southern California vacation once and spent the last afternoon and night in Vegas. Longest day of my life, I think. We’re not into gambling or many of the shows, so the city was wasted on us. But hey, we can say we were there. 🙂

    • Elliot says:

      Vegas is amazing compared to Laughlin. What a hole that place is. It’s like Vegas minus any decent shows, decent shops, and decent places to eat.

  4. robincoyle says:

    I am sure that was the first haiku I’ve read about someone’s nuts.

  5. This is a very good post, very insightful and funny and witty.

  6. Ann Marquez says:

    LOL! Laughlin is aweful isn’t it? Love your description. But somebody’s gotta/must love it, I guess???
    I do love Vegas. That’s my ‘home.’ (Well we lived in Henderson) But missing it and my kids and grandkids so much. (Not missing the heat. 😉 I was supposed to go back this Thursday, but my cat became very ill.
    Anyhow … loved this post and the great Haiku! 😀 Glad the reunion wasn’t too bad after all 😉

    • Elliot says:

      Well I suppose it has it’s own musty old, cigarette smoke, humid, charm. It’s just a charm that doesn’t work much on me. This weekend the hotel we were in was pretty much full so some people must enjoy it.

      Vegas couldn’t be more different really, and you clearly have more important reasons to like it. Hope you can get to see the family soon.

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