“The experiment” and the makings of a popular post – part 2

This is not me. I use a laptop, not a blackboard. (Image from freelanceswitch.com)

I should start this post with stating that this is not a conclusion / results post to  “The search phrase”experiment and what makes a popular blog post“, but a follow up to capture some additional search phrases, and some points I missed. I was going to post this earlier in the week but it went against my current reduced blogging schedule. Anyhoo, first, the points I missed. In the original post I covered some thoughts on what made a popular post, what draws in “likes” and “comments”, and what doesn’t. After some kind reader comments on the original post, these are some points I missed:

  • Posts about writing or blogging tend to draw in more comments from bloggers (we all have writing in common).
  • Longer posts tend to be more likely to not to get read properly, and more likely skimmed through. A candidate for “likes” over “Comments”.
  • Posts with humour, if you get it right and it is humorous, tend to draw in more comments. People always like to comment on something that makes them laugh or happy.
  • Posts with humour might not catch the eye of many new readers unless about something that catches their eye, but any that do read it will likely contribute in some way, or begin to follow your blog.
  • Posts about blogging and it’s relationship with social media e.g. facebook, might also prove popular as it is something many people have in common and is somewhat interactive to varying degrees.

“The Experiment” –  part 2

In the previous post it occurred to me that in choosing popular search terms that this might not actually be that useful in drawing in random readers via search engines, purely because they are popular. That is to say, there are plenty of other sites covering the same thing, are therefore competition in that sense, and probably have better search optimisation than an amateur like me. I shall get back to that point in the conclusion post. In the meantime, here is a second section of seemingly random search topics with added brainsplats nonsense, this time not based on popular searches giving the blog post i.e. this blog post, a different position in the web mess. I’m looking at “advertising slogans”, “a sex slang quiz”, “related search terms” and “the 15 most popular blogs”. They may be popular subjects anyway. What do you think?

advertising rhubarb

where we consider a selection of products via the advertising guff.

  • Finger lickin Good – (KFC), although this is a company that offers a “banquet” which is delivered in a bucket. Who’s idea of a banquet is that?
  • Have a break, have a Kit Kat – Hmm, actually I fancy one of those now.
  • They’rrrre GR-R-REAT – (Frosties) – If you like sugary milk and hyperactive kids.
  • You got chocolate in my peanut butter! (Reeses Peanut butter cups) – And you look like sh*t scrapped out of a babies diaper.
  • Now you’re eating! (Pizza Hut) – Eating elsewhere?
  • The power of Dreams (Honda) – Making a change from strange dreams about an apocalypse, which I sometimes have.
  • Snap! Crackle! Pop! (Rice Crispies) – Just add chocolate to make childs cake, and remove the Snap, Crackle and Pop.
  • Where’s the Beef (Wendys) – Presumably elsewhere?
  • The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself (Britney Spears scenty thing) – Which is one of those phrases that sounds impressive, but doesn’t appear to mean anything when you think a little more about it.
  • It’s Miller time! (Miller) – When you cannot get any decent beer for a party, and it is on a special price offer.
  • King of Beers (Budweiser) – See above. This might be king in a race of two.

sex phrases

The below section contains a quiz where you can “guess what the naughty slang word(s) mean”. If you are offended by naughty words, then jump over the dotted section below.


So guess what the following words refer to. Answers are below.

  1. Bung Hole
  2. bearded clam, bearded lady
  3. maidenhead
  4. jism
  5. wearing the rag
  6. gonads
  7. french art
  8. french letter
  9. pocket pool
  10. to have the banana peeled
So if you get them all correct you may well be a pervert, but either way you win a an opportunity to click on this link here. – Don’t be clicking on it otherwise.
  1. anus
  2. vagina
  3. hymen
  4. semen
  5. menstruation
  6. testicles
  7. cunnilingus
  8. condom
  9. masturbation
  10. sexual intercourse

Typing “Search engine optimisation” into google

I’m a novice at this so I’m not going to blog much on this subject other than to mention when I typed “blog search engine optimisation” into Google, I noted the following were related search terms, i.e. google would group this search into the same area as the following (click on “related search terms” and you shall see what I mean):

popular blog search lyrics – popular blog search phrases – popular blog search dictionary – popular blog search text – popular blog search names – best blog search words – good blog search words – favorite blog search words – unique blog search words – new blog search words

Top 15 Most popular blogs:

I also wondered what the current most popular blogs are (not specifically wordpress, just blogs in general). How many do you know? I’ve never heard of several of them, although I would recommend Boing Boing. Data derived from here http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/blogs. All these seem to be a bit larger than the average blog like this one. But then these are the most popular ones.

  1. HuffingtonPost
  2. TMZ
  3. BusinessInsider
  4. engadget
  5. PerezHilton
  6. Gizmodo
  7. Mashable
  8.  TechCrunch
  9. Gawker
  10. lifehacker
  11. The Daily Beast
  12. SmashingMagazine
  13. FailBlog
  14. Kotaku
  15. boingboing

Number 5? Really?

And that concludes the experimental nonsense for this post. Conclusions will be coming up in a future post.

Lexicon word of the day: ideate.


23 comments on ““The experiment” and the makings of a popular post – part 2

  1. crubin says:

    Oh, just wait to see what you’ve unleashed using those words in your naughty word game. You’ll get all sorts of interesting searches now. 🙂

    And I concur, the phrase “The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself” is quite non-sensical. Then again, coming from Britney, should we expect anything else?

    • Elliot says:

      I suspect all sorts of spam as well. I think I may pinch your son’s latest offal from the other day for Monday’s bonus Haiku, if that is ok.

      At a place I used to work at in the UK, they were forever coming up with these company slogans, with principles or other that you were supposed to follow or be inspired with. Of course everyone had to do the “training” and pretend to be with it. One time they came up with these four words which were new principles. It became a running joke with the people where I sat when someone did something half-arsed to say that they should be following principle x “and the other three”. The emphasis on saying “and the other three” as though they were important but you didn’t know what they were. Any supposedly inspiring quote which doesn’t seem to mean much reminds me of that now.

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    You should try working “potted plants” into a post. So many variants of this search lead people to my post titled, “The Potted Plants in the Room—Minor Characters.” Seriously? Aren’t there tons of gardening sites that should outrank my post? I’ve got to believe some people are very disappointed in that result!

    I’m curious how this new variant you’ve done will affect your results. This is an interesting experiment.

  3. Elliot says:

    I’ve not really looked into this in any depth, but I’m beginning to think it is to do with how for example, Google ranks it, and what other words put it into a “related” search term. If you have the “correct” words it will fit into numerous variations on the search terms and therefore get a higher ranking. Of course this is relevant to other sites that may have the same thing, especially on popular topics. I might do a results post in a week or so, or may delay it a little longer depending on what does or doesn’t crop up in search terms.

  4. robincoyle says:

    Wait. You left my blog off the list of top 15.

  5. Smaktakula says:

    Man, if you keep adding superfluous ‘u’s to words, people are gonna think you’re some kind of foreigner. Speak American!

    I loved, loved, loved the advertising slogans and your take on them. It’s something I would do, but you managed to make it funny without potty-mouthery!

    Also, at the risk of sounding pedantic (more so anyway), or telling you something you already know, there is a perfectly innocuous definition for a bunghole that predates its rectal usage. It’s a hole in a wine cask.

    • Elliot says:

      I’m just continuing my quest to educate you people.

      Glad you liked the advertising. It’s not too far removed from your headlines posts. The KFC one has always bothered me. Banquet in a bucket?!?

      I think there are a number of slang terms which have innocent origins, but I didn’t include them here. Presumably someone thought the hole in a wine casket reminded them of something.

  6. I have about 800 tags. I did a post on nerds and get the most hits on that search term.

  7. Fascinating, entertaining and informative – what more could I ask for? Plus I learned a couple of new sex terms – I guess that means I don’t qualify for pervert status 🙂

    • Elliot says:

      A mix of all three, but will it be a successful experiment? It is going to be the odd stuff that crop up on the searches isn’t it?

      I didn’t qualify for pervert status either, although it might have been a close call. Hmm, maybe I should have named the “winner” status a little differently…

  8. Margarita says:

    Illuminating! On sooo many levels, lol! Looking forward to further posts on your research! 🙂

  9. Jeannie says:

    You have here an honest to goodness working theory…I didn’t make the pervert list, but if you’re short on s*p*a*m* I’m sure I could come up with something to help you out!

    I also think using potted plants is a good way to go–dirty talk!!

  10. Ann Marquez says:

    Interesting stuff 😉 Good post.
    I’ve decided that I couldn’t handle a “popular blog.” There’s no way I’d be able to divide myself up that much. Which is why I only had two kids… trying to keep up with two is hard enough. 😉
    Now if I had a PR department to handle my blogging and to attract more followers, that would work. But then it wouldn’t be me. But then maybe it’d be better if it wasn’t me? Oh the irony 😀

    Speaking of a PR handler, have you heard the term ‘tweet monkey’ ? I think (I think) I heard the term on VEEP. Anyhow, I need one of those too. 🙂

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