100 word fiction – The familiar path

The familiar path…

For my US chums, Happy Independence day (or happy traitors day as I “jokingly” call it).

Another 100 word fiction exercise for today, not at all related to the posting date. If you missed an earlier post on 100 word fiction, the three rules are as follows:

  • It must be 100 words or less.
  • The prompt will be mentioned after the story.
  • It must be written in under 30 mins and then it goes up onto a post as is, with no additional editing allowed, no pondering on it for a day or more.

The Familiar path

It was cold, it was grey, and water dripped from worn stone. George stepped but carefully, on a well trodden path, over flat faded tombstones almost indecipherable from the path, and around standing tombstones, of names long gone but not forgotten.

George had trodden this route over a hundred times, in fact over a hundred years. There were less plots then, and clearer words. Rounding a large over hung oak tree, George stopped, held both wings of a nearby Angel, and pulled. Facing the open box he climbed in, and was sure to close the lid behind him.

Prompt: a Graveyard (near where I grew up).

Lexicon word of the day: Polysexual.


20 comments on “100 word fiction – The familiar path

  1. Smaktakula says:

    Happy Traitors’s Day! I though you already had a Traitors’s holiday–‘Penny for the Guy?”

    I enjoyed the brief glimpse into the ‘life’ of George the revenant.

    • Elliot says:

      You’re welcome. I thought you would appreciate that. In Britain there is always room for an extra traitor.

      100 words doesn’t allow us to know much about him.

  2. polysexual – is that a horny parrot ?

  3. crubin says:

    He walked the path for “over a hundred years.” He climbed into a coffin. Hmmm, I always knew you were a closet “Twilight” and “True Blood” fan. 😉

    • Elliot says:

      I had not even thought of the vampire connection, I was more thinking along the lines of a an old man who was both dead and alive, but still suffering like an old man. Not that 100 words gave time to describe that, but in my head that is loosely what he was. In fact I might keep him in mind for another story I have (a larger than 100 words one).

      I did watch season 1 of True Blood, which I thought was ok, but it has never made me want to go back and continue (so wasn’t that good). I know absolutely nothing at all about Twilight other than the commercials for the films, and that a few friends on mine (female) like it.

  4. anne says:

    Maybe George was ready to die–Maybe he had seen enough of this life, or maybe he was just a ghost. Love it

  5. DyingNote says:

    Polysexual? Back in the heady (sic) days of Roman orgies?

    Nice one, Elliot. Have you read Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’? If you haven’t, you should – I get a feeling you will like it.

    • Elliot says:

      I’d never heard of “The Graveyard book” but I just looked it up on Amazon and it looks interesting. Another to add to the pile!

    • Elliot says:

      I just read the Graveyard book. Loved it, I bought a few more Neil Gaiman books to read. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • DyingNote says:

        Glad 🙂 I’ve been away from blogging – my usual once in 4 years break for obsessive consumption of the Olympics telecasts. Plus I’ve also been running around for a new venture that a friend and I are kick-starting.

  6. Love the ‘happy traitor’s day’ – cute 🙂 And I really enjoyed your bite of a story there – needs to be expanded!

    • Elliot says:

      Thanks. Someone pointed out to me yesterday that perhaps the English should also be celebrating, but the day afterwards (it was an American that pointed that out)

      I have a couple of ideas for expanding this one. When that will be though is another matter.

  7. Eric Alagan says:

    Someone better tell George that he is dead – walking around like that…he might scare a priest or two…

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