Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 20 Aug 2012

You Louis, will appear in Monday Haiku….

Thank you to those who responded / commented on the weekend post, “The blog post trail aka the other map of blog” thus far. I will get back to that one as I think it is worth doing. In the meantime, this weeks weekend relevant prompts for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Louis CK – If you have never seen the FX show Louie, then you ought to. It is odd, often vulgar, often brilliant, always entertaining. It is one of the best and most inventive comedies on tv. Louie CK writes it all, his character is a version of himself, full of self loathing. Sometimes the guest stars play themselves, sometimes not. He even found something good for Robin Williams (who I am not a big fan of in comedy). The first two seasons are on Netflix streaming. What does it have to do with the weekend? Well I watched last thursdays episode then.
  2. Twitter – Great for little posts and links, if you follow the right people. One thing I like is I can watch LFC, and get the line-up just prior to kick-off, plus other “thoughts and opinions” as the games are going on. Which I did this weekend.
  3. Breaking Bad– AMC’s top “tension” drama. Still good, and racing towards the end (the rest of this season and eight episodes to end it next year). All previous seasons are on netflix streaming. New episodes currently on sunday evenings.

So here we go:

Full of self loathing

scrape humour down to the bone

Louis CK wins

Seriously, I don’t know where he gets his ideas from, or even gets aways with them but…

The word is somewhere

somewhere in the twitter nest

some delight does lurk

Got to love (and tut tut at) Twitter.

Walter White, teacher

to controlless meth dealer

meet a grisly end?

Breaking Bad might be the best drama show on TV right now.

Bounce! Bonus Haiku returns with a hop, skip, and a tale about… Well you will see. I’m pretty sure this is about as far away from the olympics as you can get, hence why I didn’t post it last week. Usual blurb follows in the next sentence. Jump between the lines for bonus fun, or over to give it a miss:


What defines a man?

How to demonstrate his strength?

It between his legs?

part 2:

Yes between his legs

for man with hundred pound balls

lots of bulk to scratch

And here he is:

Yes that is an upside down tracksuit top he is wearing. Shouldn’t laugh…

So I apologize for this shameful joke:

Yo, check that guy out

wears a tracksuit upside down

he’s got some balls man


When I saw the above guy on TV there was a mix of feeling bad and laughter. Sorry but balls of this size is amusing and I’m not entirely sure how he let it get that bad. If mine started to incvrease in size, I would have got them “examined” pretty sharp-ish:

What I learned this weekend

  • LFC chose to open the season with “One of those days”. After dominating most of the first half, they went in a goal down, to a fine goal. So far no complaints. Then they conceded a weak penalty which the opposition missed, but did result in our defender getting a straight red card. Then a few minutes later conceded another penalty by a fluke accident, which the opposition did score. Then a player we brought on, left the game 10 minutes later with an injury. Then chasing the game with 10 Vs 11, they conceded a third goal. Game over. Not the best way to start, but early days on a slightly different playing philosophy and a long way to go. Up next, last seasons Premier league champions, Manchester City.
  • I wish Scrivener was on ipad
  • I wish I had an iPad. Perhaps soon eh?
  • An animated series (I won’t mention which one), which I used to watch as a child, is as old as my wife. She kindly pointed out I was older.
  • The most odd search term that got to my blog in the last week was “Firestar’s vagina”. Interesting…

Have a nice week.

Lexicon word of the day: ideogram.


11 comments on “Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 20 Aug 2012

  1. La La says:

    LFC ugh!

    And Firestar’s vagina…..people are so weird.

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    I enjoy your Bonus Haiku as much as your more serious Haiku. Is that weird to admit? I suppose no more weird than searching for “Firestar’s vagina.”

    And I, too, wish there was an iPad version of Scrivener. I bet there will be soon.

  3. I enjoy my Ipad especially when traveling so nice to not lug that laptop along. 🙂 I’m perplexed by the balls guy. How do you let something go that much, especially in such a sensitive area? *Scratching my head*

    • Elliot says:

      I’ve never really needed an iPad, but I have a few reasons where it might now be useful.

      The big balls man was both painful and painfully funny. He had a really odd reason why it started. I think he sort of sat funny in bed and somehow squashed one of them giving it some pain. Then a day or two later it started to swell. I think I would have got it checked out around that point, not quite a lot of pounds later. I think he was featured on one of those shows like “Taboo” or something along those lines which I don’t normally watch. But I saw the trailer for that one and was intrigued.

  4. Smaktakula says:

    The only thing in your post about which I know anything, is (unfortunately) Firestar (she of the naughty parts). She’s on a kiddie show my boys watch, Teen Titans.

    • Elliot says:

      I used to know Firestar from Spiderman and friends, with their friend Iceman. It is on netflix streaming. I watched a couple of episodes. In the first one Spiderman went to a fancy dress party wearing his spiderman costume substituting his mask for a flat cardboard spiderman mask.

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