Monday Haiku (Tanka) and what I learned this weekend – 27 Aug 2012

Example Scrivener, fiction format starting page, on that there Mac (PC version is available – just not in my house).

Welcome, this week I will start with a small note for regular readers. I think the slightly more adult, “Bonus Haiku” might be a fortnightly affair from now on (as it has been recently), or I may change my mind again next week, we shall see. This week it is replaced by a short video link (more on that in a moment). This week “regular” Haiku is also taking a break to be replaced by the longer Tanka, the japanese poetic form. As this is my first attempt, you will be no doubt pleased to read that it is not much longer following a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable to line progression. Tanka is less about nature like traditional Haiku, something I flout with regular Haiku anyway, and allows for simile, and metaphor should you wish to incorporate them,

So, this weeks weekend relevant prompts for Monday Haiku Tanka are:

  • Scrivener – I love the writing software Scrivener. Seriously, if you enjoy writing, this is the best thing there is. You will never want to use Word again. It has a generous trial period so you can try it out and see. I’ve used it since version 2 appeared on the Mac (at the time a serious upgrade to version 1). Every now and then it is nice to read some tutorials, or features on how other writers use it. There are plenty of web pages, or youtube videos, free to browse or watch. A good example is below, where bonus Haiku normally resides. Or alternatively there is a useful ebook by the author David Hewson.
  • The Slide – My young son was not the fastest to get walking unaided (a trend on his mothers side of the family). For the last couple of months we’ve been taking him to “Gymboree” (the play school, not the store) which includes a weekly class where tots do little learning games together, mixed with playing on the various arrangements of padded climbing “things” and slides. Naturally with a bit of encouragement, his confidence and ability to climb, slide, and generally get stuck on things, has improved. When I took him to our local park this weekend, he made a beeline for the steps, and had a lot of fun climbing and sliding. Not a new thing for tots I know, but a new thing for him and me.
  • Disappointment– I won’t go into details here but something I had been waiting for got put back a little while this weekend. I don’t get annoyed very often, but this did annoy me.

So here we go:

How do I tell Word

that I love words but not you

that I love a new

master, writing studio

Scrivener, I do compose

Ok, that one is a bit retrospective as I have been using it for a while, but you take my point (hopefully).

Grey, August morning

Standing, wistful, yearning for

the boy who would play

learn to climb, to use my slide

Happiness, that one moment

The slide was alone, and waiting for us, this past saturday morning.

I missed the phone call

but I got all the details

what could I question?

when all I could ask was why

and feel like sinking below

So maybe it wasn’t that bad, and no big deal, but anyway….

No bonus Haiku this week, enjoy this short Scrivener lesson instead:



What I learned this weekend

  • LFC managed a draw against Premier League champions Man City. It was a shame really as LFC played well, and scored two decent goals. Unfortunately they made two silly mistakes which cost goals on a game they should have won. The overall play was a good sign for things to come.
  • In August, in Southern California, the clouded over mornings are the ones to take the boy to the park.
  • M83’s “Midnight City, seemed to be stuck in my head.
  • My wife and I life playing Lego Batman 2 on the PS3.

Have a nice week.

Lexicon word of the day: Woebegone.


14 comments on “Monday Haiku (Tanka) and what I learned this weekend – 27 Aug 2012

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Scrivener is great, no doubt. But I have the PC version which may not be as pretty as the Mac version.

    Great Haiku, as always. I remember taking my kids to something like Gymboree when they were toddlers. Talk about an introvert’s nightmare. All that circle time and song singing. But I did it for my babies. 🙂

    • Elliot says:

      I’ve never seen a PC version so I cannot compare, but as far as I know, the versions are virtually the same give or take a few minor things for system differences. It is the best thing when it comes to writing.

      My wife and I have been lucky that on the gymboree days we have been able to alternate weeks, i.e. I take him one week, her the next. The first time on my own, I was the only dad there so all the songs and what not were a bit… well do it for him. There have been other dads there since, plus after a few times, it is easier to just get on with it.

  2. jmmcdowell says:

    It looks like the overall layout of Scrivener is the same for both platforms. You can tweak the colors and fonts for the binder and the cards on the inspector in the PC version, as I’m sure you can in the Mac. Fantastic program all around.

    I might have to experiment with the Tanka form sometime for Poetic Archaeology….

    • Elliot says:

      I like watching the odd scrivener video from time to time, to see some small part, or way of using it that I had not noticed previously. The software is soooo good though. I’ve started even shifting a lot of my blog writing in there and copying it across at the last moment.

      You manage good Haiku, so I’m sure you will have no problem with the Tanka 🙂

  3. Ann Marquez says:

    Thanks for mentioning Scrivener again. I’d forgotten about it 😀

  4. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Hope it gets back on track soon. 🙂

  5. DyingNote says:

    Sorry, missed this one but better late than never. Loved the tankas, touched by the second one

  6. Smaktakula says:

    Okay, I’ll look more into this. Sounds like something I might like.

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