Time and its relative disappearance

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart

At the beginning of this year, I had a few blog plans. I began a series of related posts with a few unrelated to break them up a bit. Then I hit mid February and…

I ran out of time. Relatively speaking of course. Things have been very busy with work lately, with family, and with home projects. Very little net time, even less blog time. I’ve not been a presence on your blogs in the past few weeks simply because I have not had time to get there. I’ve had even less time to write blogs. I have some posts mostly written that I had been adding bits too earlier on in the year, but not the time to finish them. In truth, I don’t want to publish them until I can do them justice and spend some time looking at your blogs. So with that in mind I’m not going to get more time until at least after Easter, and likely some weeks beyond.

I’m going to be away for a while. I shall try dip in and catch up on some of your blogs if I get time. I will be back on my own blog in due course. Sometimes other things have priority.

Who knows, things may change and the posts, the blog time, may return sooner. But I shall see how things go.

P.S. the work, family, and home project time has mostly been fun, and I am not complaining about it. I just figured I would update those who may be interested.


16 comments on “Time and its relative disappearance

  1. Margarita says:

    Thanks for the update, Elliot, I was wondering. Enjoy your time out of cyberspace! xoxoM

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    Glad to hear things are going well. We’ll be here when you get back!

  3. Wondered where you were, and look forward to your return.

  4. Take care honey ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. jmmcdowell says:

    I figured you had gotten busy with this thing called life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It happens to all of us at some point. Pop in when you can, and we’ll stop by when you post, too.

    • Elliot says:

      Too True. I enjoy doing the posts but right now I can do without the schedule as there is too much else going on. A few months time and it all could be different again.

  6. Time has a way of slipping through everyone’s fingers, doesn’t it. Glad you’re doing well–continue to enjoy yourself!

  7. DyingNote says:

    Have fun. I had my share doing other things, but mostly getting our new company set for launch. I was away from my two blogs for a few weeks too. Came back today.

  8. Smaktakula says:

    Hope you’re having fun, man.

    • Elliot says:

      Thanks – busy doing other things at the moment. May do a series of “one off” posts if i get chance. Hope things are going well for you.

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