Lexicon:- A noun referring to the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

Another writing exercise, one used to increase the size of your own (writing) vocabulary is to note words that you find or search for. Words which you find interesting, either from the sound of the word, or more commonly, the meaning. These are added to a notepad, document, or whatever you choose to be your personal database of words to use in your writings. These are words to be used so you may wish to keep various lists. Perhaps a general list, or a list specific to a particular area or context.

One way to do this exercise is to choose a subject then look up words associated with it. These words that might describe the specifics of things related to this subject in the way for example, a “paragraph” describes a distinct section of text within a piece of writing. Paragraph is however, a common word so wouldn’t be included in my lexicon for writing. However Chirography refers to the study of handwriting is all its aspects (the written word, not the typed, which would be typography if referring to style and appearance). This word could be included in a lexicon of writing as I may find a use for it when discussing writing. So I could for example do this exercise for 30 minutes noting words related to the subject I have chosen.

Some alternative ways are read a section of a dictionary and pick out the words you find interesting, or just find a word a day. It is this latter option that I will attempt to do. Along with the 15 minute writer I shall look to increase my lexicon. I’m not sure yet how this all will be categorised, but it will be put under this section. You might find this interesting, you might not. You might just look at it to see what I have chosen, or just to get the gist of it. You may also just press the “back button” on your web browser.


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