Back in February I explained how Poetry and myself didn’t really get on. It was just something I wasn’t into. So I was then intrigued to know if I could write some.

I started with some Haiku. This has progressed to a regular monday post. You can check these out from the calendar if you wish (there is too many to list). There are also some odd postings of Haiku themed around something or other. They are listed here (along with my first attempts):

The irony is, it soon progressed to some full length poetry. I kind of liked working on it. Should you want to check some out for how laughably bad, or how reasonable, or even good, it is, then there is an index below. Be kind though, it is experimenting and learning, I’m no expert:

  1. I walk the middle of the road
  2. I don’t know what I was expecting boy
  3. Take a look
  4. I might be
  5. There’s nothing worse than going to the Post office
  6. Welcome, War
  7. the fool
  8. Love Letter me in
  9. Ha, love
  10. The River
  11. Drift Unto
  12. My Heart is full
  13. One Hand of Freedom
  14. Master Computer
  15. On and On
  16. Aim to the sky
  17. Never Ending
  18. Nothing left to say

Poems from one afternoon in August 2012 (after a break from poems from a month or two):

  1. Familiarity
  2. Unemployment number (4)

feed the brain:

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