The alternative take

The alternative take

– a try this once, project

aka: 1001 entertainment things, you really ought to experience.

Welcome to the alternative take. It is a series of blog posts based on

a band, an album, a song.

a film, a tv show, a documentary, an actor, a director.

a book, a magazine, a writer.

an artwork, a museum, a park.

It’s about something I happen upon that I want to share with you. It’s a little different review to the norm. It’s a little bit about what it is, and a little bit about where I met it. It’s some highlights you might want to take a look at, and maybe some bits you want to avoid. They might or might not be the obvious ones.

As I add entries to the blog, I will add menu items like above, and an index of relevant entries in each.

I hope you enjoy, maybe you’ll find something new, and want to write about it too.


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