The song or album that represents the time that is…

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

Image courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

Posts at the moment seem to have either a common theme, or somewhat refer back to an earlier post. Recently, I was having some discussion with a friend about music lists. I have my 10 favourite on an early post somewhere, and a post on an idea called “the music map of me”. But in discussing we also referred to that old BBC radio favourite desert Island discs, and a feature in Mojo magazine called “All back to my place”, (where numerous questions are asked around your soundtrack for different circumstances, e.g. sunday mornings). So we came up with a new list. The idea is that you choose a song or album that represents you, or has a lot of relevance to you in a certain circumstance. I guess really they are about memories. So here is some of the list that we came up with. Some categories were easier to answer than others:

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Music Albums of the year 2012

Regular readers know I like a music post from time to time. This one is my end of year look at this years best albums. For me, this year had plenty of good albums, but not one I think that stood out as something really special, or ground breaking. Mojo magazine went with Jack White’s album, as their number one which shows what I mean. Good, but a bit retro. I like this album, but I haven’t played it in a few months. So for my number one, I went with something different.

Fiona Apple - The idler wheel. Best of the year?

Fiona Apple – The idler wheel. Best of the year?

Album of the year

Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

For the second year running, I’m selecting an album by a female artist (last year it was PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake”). This one a more unusual choice for me in the respect that I had never bought anything from Fiona Apple before, prior to this year. This means to me she was pretty much a new artist, albeit one with a back catalogue to explore. However with running this blog this year, I took more of an interest in poetry, short story, song lyrics and that whole area. Fiona’s album has a clever mix of intelligent lyrics. and phrasing, and the way she delivers or sings them, with subtle adjustments in her voice, mean there is lots to continually find. It made a good balance for me against the aforementioned interests. Musically it is also pretty subtle, a little low key, a lot of percussion, but it lends a touch of freedom which shows through in the album as a “whole” (speech marks intended). Try “Werewolf” or “Regret” as examples.

Runners up, were Bat for Lashes (another female artist), which I like a lot but as a fairly recent release, I’ve not lived with it long enough. Tame Impala with its neat way of live band dance music, and rolling drum beats, is also pretty cool, and a good soundtrack to various things going on in my life.

Further close calls include Bob Mould’s “Silver Age” (regular readers will know I’m a big fan and only recently saw him live for the first time). Bruce Springsteen also had a good, accessible record in “Wrecking Ball” which seemed to fit in with this election year (in the US). See also honorary mentions which I think are all good albums work checking out.

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10 things I shall leave for my son to say (which I will be looking forward to)

I wasn’t sure what to say today, then I realised something. It is the turn of someone else.My son is almost 23 months old. He is at the beginnings of putting words together to form small sentences. Soon he will improve on that and say longer sentences but still not be old enough to understand all the daft social rules we have invented. In short, he will likely say some blunt, or to the point things. Things that most of us probably want to say, but social etiquette prevents us. Here are 10 things I’m looking forward to him being able to say. I’ve given each an “it should be said rating” (ISBS) out of a possible 10, with 10 being the it really ought to be said mark.

You – Guilty…
(image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

  1. “That baby is ugly” – Babies are cute aren’t they? Yeah right, some have a face only a mother could love. It’s not the babe’s fault of course, so we don’t say things like “Your baby sure looks funny”, but on occasion wouldn’t it be nice if…
    • ISBS rating: 3/10. It might need saying to the parents, but the baby needs a chance in life, so best give it one.
  2. “Why does that lady smell of soap” – Sometimes old ladies need telling that just because they cannot smell it, doesn’t mean we cannot.
    • ISBS rating: 7/10. Not all who smell of soap need telling. Especially the kind ones.
  3. Why does that man smell of wee?” – Excusing the homeless here, and people with a disability, but other ones. C’mon man, what is going on? Take a wash or something.
    • ISBS rating: 10/10. Unless we’re living in an apocalypse scenario, there is no need for it.
  4. I think that man just farted – Some people let out sneaky ones. Some people need to know that we know about it.
    • ISBS rating: 10/10. Excusing the places where there actually is a strange smell, but first thought is someone left it there, this pretty much needs to be said.
  5. “That car looks nice” – (To a car with painted flames, the equivalent of the old painted “go faster” stripes). You realise these things don’t make the car go faster right? Also real flames on a car would be dangerous.
    • ISBS rating: 6/10. They might look silly to the likes of me, but that is just my tastes. They do look cool right? Er, maybe I should bump the rating up.
  6. “The Wheel of Fortune is great” – Actually my boy really likes this show. It is perfect-ish for someone his age. There are flashing lights, noises, cheering and clapping, letters he can call out. It’s an interactive show for him
    • ISBS Rating: 2/10. The show is passing entertainment for a sane adult. How it has been on over 30 years is anyones guess.
  7. “Why can’t we have chocolate for dinner?” – Actually wifey, who will likely read this, why can’t we have chocolate for dinner?
    • ISBS rating: 3/10. Wifey will say, what is wrong with my cooking, which of course, is nothing dear.
  8. Why does that man have a handbag? – Because it’s a woman.
    • ISBS rating: 5/10. I’m going to be generous and say that it is often not the poor lady’s fault that she doth look like a man. But not all the time. Sometimes it needs to be said.
  9. Why don’t that ladies trousers fit? – You know the thing, big lady, tight leggings, and um, good question?
    • ISBS rating: 10/10. Generally speaking, people have a choice in the wardrobe department. A bad choice, is a bad choice.
  10. Why is that person pushing a cart (shopping trolley) when he / she is not at the shop? – Well I suppose that is a serious question if a homeless person, or a quite valid question of a different kind, if it is a moron pushing a cart home with his / her shopping in it. Some people…
    • ISBS rating: 8/10. We’ll forgive the homeless situation, but the others? These carts aren’t made for you to just take you know. I don’t care if you cannot carry your bl**dy bags home. Tough luck, find a different way, and stop littering our streets.

Why not just take this all the way home?
(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

Lexicon word of the day: forswear.

Monday Mess – Celebrating 50 years of Bond in 7 “classic” lines

The monday mess is in a bit of a mess. Got to celebrate 50 years of Bond in some way right? Problem is, it came out in the UK a week ago last friday, and in the U.S. this friday. Plus this is a monday. Hmm… Well anyhoo, this loosely being a writing themed blog, I thought I would focus in on some “classic” cheesy / fun / toe-curling lines. Here are seven classics:

Bond & “Plenty”

1) The Film: The world is not enough

The Scenario & line: Incredibly Denise Richards is cast a a nuclear physicist, almost as unbelievable as the daft as the name she is given, “Christmas Jones”. Yeah that Denise Richards and yeah, that name. Bond clearly a man of experience supposes her talents lie elsewhere. So naturally she ends up in bed with Bond. After some Hollywood style bed-sheet movement James sweet talks her with the line, “I thought Christmas only comes once a year”.

Why it’s “cool”: They really ought to have told Denise to deliver all the science sounding lines like her boob implants were about to fall out. They didn’t. I think this line must be some kind of revenge. Or it’s just a clunker.

2) The Film: Tomorrow never dies

The Scenario & Line: Bond clearly a man of experience, is giving the wise word to Moneypenny (the secret service secretary) about his Scandinavian language tutor. Bond quips, “I always enjoyed learning a new tongue.” Moneypenny replies, “You always were a cunning linguist, James.”

Why it’s “cool”: Well it is not really is it? It is a bit of a toe curler. Moneypenny needs to get out more. Don’t worry, the lines get a lot better, like this next one.

3) The Film: Moonraker

The Scenario & Line: Bond in a joint mission with the Americans has just defeated the bad guy and thwarted evil plans to do something or other in space. I don’t really care what. They’ve recently left space and landed back on earth, in the ocean somewhere. The authorities from both governments attempt to congratulate Bond, making visual contact with him and female companion, Dr. Holly Goodhead (she has knowledge on how to give good, erm, space systems). Bond clearly a man of experience realises it might be time to find out how else the good Dr might have gotten her name. This seen somewhat in heat signature technology by the government officials. The British Minister of Defence asks, “My God, what’s Bond doing?” Q his tech scientist sideman responds, “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”

Why it’s “cool”: What a perfect line to say to your boss. Q must have been desperately holding a fist pump in. Oh hang on, he’s a Brit and we don’t do that sort of thing.

4) The Film: For Your eyes only

The Scenario & Line: Bond chases a bad guy, catching up with him as his car hangs precariously over a cliff. To dispatch him, Bond kicks the car’s tire and it falls off the cliff with the bad guy still inside. Bond remarks to himself, “He had no head for heights.”

Why it’s “cool”: Bond cannot simply kill a guy without giving it a kiss off line, even if no-one is there to hear it. It’s like he lives his life in a film or something.

5) The Film: The Spy who loved me

The Scenario & Line: Bond clearly a man of experience, is discovered by his boss having sex with rogue agent Anya, and is asked, “Bond! What do you think you’re doing?” Bond barely missing a beat replies, “Keeping the British end up, sir.”

Why it’s “cool”: Bond is calmly explaining why it is his job to stop bad guys taking over the world, and not to put too fine a point on it, killing people. He is saying to his boss, that one must take the good as well as the bad..

6) The Film: Diamonds are forever.

The Scenario & Line: Bond in a Casino meets an attractive woman. She introduces herself with this exchange:

Her: “Hi, I’m Plenty”

Bond: “But of course you are”

Her: “Plenty O Toole”

Bond (pauses): “Named after your father, perhaps?”

Why it’s “cool”: What is not cool about that response, to a name like that? This might be my favourite ever line. You can watch all 10 seconds of it here.

7) The Film: Diamonds are forever (again)

The Scenario & Line: Bond clearly a man of experience has the aforementioned Plenty O Toole back at the hotel ready for a bit more experience. Plenty strips to her underwear, and walks into the bedroom. Bond picks up her dress and turns around to find some bad guys are pointing guns at him. Bond responds with:  “Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up.”

Why it’s “cool”: A lesson in how to keep calm and assess your position in every situation.

This being Monday, now for the accompanying Nonet:

Nonet = Nine lines, first line with nine syllables and dropping a syllable each line until the final ninth line has only one. It is sort of related to the above, and sort of not.

James Bond. He kills with more than a gun

Always a line for a tight spot

Nobody does it better

or sometimes even worse

likes pretty ladies

don’t get attached




I managed to keep a line from last weeks nonet, a tiny writing exercise which I’m sure amuses no-one but me. Of course the third line references the Carly Simon sung theme song from the spy who loved me. Below is a Youtube link to a scene from the same film, perhaps my favourite stunt in a Bond film, involving Bond skiing off a cliff. If you have time, check it out, and remember, some stunt guy did this jump for real.

Have a nice week, and check back on friday for the music map post related to last friday’s fiction post.

Lexicon word of the day: dekko.

10 things from a 100 years into the future

Yeah so anyway, I was noodling about in my time machine, kind of like a Dr Who in shorts and T-shirt, and without chasing monsters and what not, and I thought there must be a way to bring some of this to you, the people of 2012. Well yeah, and you know, I have the blog in this time period so I might as well use that. Now in order to give you some more context, because you likely won’t believe those opening sentences, lets say a few months ago on Facebook, or one of those social network things, I saw this meme taken from a newspaper article from a hundred years ago, and the interesting “predictions” that it got right. Kind of interesting, check it out. Maybe someone you know wrote it. So I figured it was time for an update. Here is ten things from a hundred years in the future:

Yup, that’s what it looks like.
(Image Source: Microsoft Clip art)

  1. The latest computers which will be called brain noodles, or likely won’t be, will be thousands of times more powerful than todays fitting into something you can barely see in the palm of your hand. In fact it will fit into your hand literally, or in your head, and you’ll communicate with brain waves. You’ll still have to download software updates often, and that will still give some people a headache.
  2. Having gone through a mammoth energy crisis due to the decline in oil, and not enough initial investment in new energy sources, most electricity will be self generated via home generation. Renewable energy units will be not too dissimilar from “Mr Fusion” in Back to the Future, and do clever things with waste disposal. The majority of the rest of the electricity e.g. street lighting, public transport will also be mostly from renewable resources. The amusing thing is that Diapers (nappies for the UK folks), currently an environmental hazard, will oddly generate the most energy. Especially those with a large present in them. Best feed up that child for more free energy.
  3. Cars will fly, sort of. No really they will, but they won’t be called cars. It will allow humans to get closer to the atmosphere to drop ozone destroying gasses there. Sort of. Except they won’t run on Gas (Petrol for the UK folks). It will be something else which I don’t want to name for fear of giving the game away. These vehicles will be more fuel efficient, getting a whole 19.578% miles per gallon more than the average car of now.
  4. Toilet trained cats. No more emptying the cat crapper. If you thought number one on this list sounded impressive, wait until you get a load of how some genius decided he could take no more of his cat dumping a load and not covering it up with that smell stopping litter stuff, YOU HEAR THAT CAT? So he implanted one of those chips into his cat. It could go to the toilet on its own. And even flush the thing. And put on a new toilet roll. And close the bathroom door afterwards. Everyone wanted one, it was like the ipad of cats. You can get an in app purchase, where it will also put the toilet seat down.
  5. Diapers will bio-degrade with activation by chemicals in faeces or urine. This means you have to recycle them quickly, as in point number two above. Um, probably want to make sure that your child gets a regular change every few hours. Oh how we laughed after that long car journey. Well my wife didn’t, it was her turn to clear it up.
  6. Life expectancy will be over 100 with medical advances. Older people get even more patronising to us young folk.
  7. The world will be overpopulated. Well what do you think happens when life expectancy increases? Many people would have died some 30-40 years earlier due to a succession of natural disasters having taken place around the world, thanks in part to how we are happily ignorant to destroying the ozone layer, and generally warming up the world. This sounds contradictory, but the means of feeding people have decreased also, so it is a relative point, and a somewhat depressing one huh?
  8. Which actually means as a follow on from the previous point, that more foods and vegetables will be home grown due to the overpopulation of the world and the need to be able to sustain more of your own resources. You avoided the flooding, but how good is your high rise place now huh?
  9. But on a more positive note, for those survivors who can feed themselves, they can still use the internet version 8.9. Oh that’s not the point I meant. Technologies will allow your own body parts to be regrown via your own cells. You could grow a third leg if you want. Most people don’t do that as it doesn’t allow you to run any faster. And um, growing “the other” third leg is unpredictable, sometimes it is larger, but sometimes smaller.
  10. Music will make a big comeback in peoples lives as the quality will be so good, that the clarity of the instruments being heard give people “funny feelings”. The music of today will sound a bit rough round the edges in comparison. The “youth” will still be listening to “unlistenable nonsense”. The Rolling Stones will still be releasing records. Bob Dylan also, with “the basement tapes 72”.

So there you go. This will be like the a great mayan prophecy to some geek who finds it on the old version of the internet and posts it around on brain noodle book, for his friends to get thirty seconds of amusement out of. Attention spans of the future…. who has them? Anyhoo, I’ve got a robot to chase. Catch you laters…

Lexicon word of the day: gallimaufry.

“The experiment” and the makings of a popular post – part 2

This is not me. I use a laptop, not a blackboard. (Image from

I should start this post with stating that this is not a conclusion / results post to  “The search phrase”experiment and what makes a popular blog post“, but a follow up to capture some additional search phrases, and some points I missed. I was going to post this earlier in the week but it went against my current reduced blogging schedule. Anyhoo, first, the points I missed. In the original post I covered some thoughts on what made a popular post, what draws in “likes” and “comments”, and what doesn’t. After some kind reader comments on the original post, these are some points I missed:

  • Posts about writing or blogging tend to draw in more comments from bloggers (we all have writing in common).
  • Longer posts tend to be more likely to not to get read properly, and more likely skimmed through. A candidate for “likes” over “Comments”.
  • Posts with humour, if you get it right and it is humorous, tend to draw in more comments. People always like to comment on something that makes them laugh or happy.
  • Posts with humour might not catch the eye of many new readers unless about something that catches their eye, but any that do read it will likely contribute in some way, or begin to follow your blog.
  • Posts about blogging and it’s relationship with social media e.g. facebook, might also prove popular as it is something many people have in common and is somewhat interactive to varying degrees.

“The Experiment” –  part 2

In the previous post it occurred to me that in choosing popular search terms that this might not actually be that useful in drawing in random readers via search engines, purely because they are popular. That is to say, there are plenty of other sites covering the same thing, are therefore competition in that sense, and probably have better search optimisation than an amateur like me. I shall get back to that point in the conclusion post. In the meantime, here is a second section of seemingly random search topics with added brainsplats nonsense, this time not based on popular searches giving the blog post i.e. this blog post, a different position in the web mess. I’m looking at “advertising slogans”, “a sex slang quiz”, “related search terms” and “the 15 most popular blogs”. They may be popular subjects anyway. What do you think?

advertising rhubarb

where we consider a selection of products via the advertising guff.

  • Finger lickin Good – (KFC), although this is a company that offers a “banquet” which is delivered in a bucket. Who’s idea of a banquet is that?
  • Have a break, have a Kit Kat – Hmm, actually I fancy one of those now.
  • They’rrrre GR-R-REAT – (Frosties) – If you like sugary milk and hyperactive kids.
  • You got chocolate in my peanut butter! (Reeses Peanut butter cups) – And you look like sh*t scrapped out of a babies diaper.
  • Now you’re eating! (Pizza Hut) – Eating elsewhere?
  • The power of Dreams (Honda) – Making a change from strange dreams about an apocalypse, which I sometimes have.
  • Snap! Crackle! Pop! (Rice Crispies) – Just add chocolate to make childs cake, and remove the Snap, Crackle and Pop.
  • Where’s the Beef (Wendys) – Presumably elsewhere?
  • The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself (Britney Spears scenty thing) – Which is one of those phrases that sounds impressive, but doesn’t appear to mean anything when you think a little more about it.
  • It’s Miller time! (Miller) – When you cannot get any decent beer for a party, and it is on a special price offer.
  • King of Beers (Budweiser) – See above. This might be king in a race of two.

sex phrases

The below section contains a quiz where you can “guess what the naughty slang word(s) mean”. If you are offended by naughty words, then jump over the dotted section below.


So guess what the following words refer to. Answers are below.

  1. Bung Hole
  2. bearded clam, bearded lady
  3. maidenhead
  4. jism
  5. wearing the rag
  6. gonads
  7. french art
  8. french letter
  9. pocket pool
  10. to have the banana peeled
So if you get them all correct you may well be a pervert, but either way you win a an opportunity to click on this link here. – Don’t be clicking on it otherwise.
  1. anus
  2. vagina
  3. hymen
  4. semen
  5. menstruation
  6. testicles
  7. cunnilingus
  8. condom
  9. masturbation
  10. sexual intercourse

Typing “Search engine optimisation” into google

I’m a novice at this so I’m not going to blog much on this subject other than to mention when I typed “blog search engine optimisation” into Google, I noted the following were related search terms, i.e. google would group this search into the same area as the following (click on “related search terms” and you shall see what I mean):

popular blog search lyrics – popular blog search phrases – popular blog search dictionary – popular blog search text – popular blog search names – best blog search words – good blog search words – favorite blog search words – unique blog search words – new blog search words

Top 15 Most popular blogs:

I also wondered what the current most popular blogs are (not specifically wordpress, just blogs in general). How many do you know? I’ve never heard of several of them, although I would recommend Boing Boing. Data derived from here All these seem to be a bit larger than the average blog like this one. But then these are the most popular ones.

  1. HuffingtonPost
  2. TMZ
  3. BusinessInsider
  4. engadget
  5. PerezHilton
  6. Gizmodo
  7. Mashable
  8.  TechCrunch
  9. Gawker
  10. lifehacker
  11. The Daily Beast
  12. SmashingMagazine
  13. FailBlog
  14. Kotaku
  15. boingboing

Number 5? Really?

And that concludes the experimental nonsense for this post. Conclusions will be coming up in a future post.

Lexicon word of the day: ideate.

The “search phrase” experiment and what makes a popular blog post

Part 1: What makes a popular post?

Fellow bloggers, humour me for a moment and consider the following: Which posts are your most popular? Which posts are your most searched? Which of your posts draw in the most comments and likes? If the answer to these questions is usually the posts that you don’t expect, then you likely blog for yourself first, and the audience second.

Do you find that you write a more personal piece, and it is barely read, or commented on? Yet you write a light hearted piece on a men’s magazine that contained the headline “Tina Fey is hot” and it pulls in more views, likes and comments than you ever considered. Why is this? Perhaps in one sense you don’t know your audience, or perhaps you might just be discovering it. Blogging is a learning game after all.

In my brief experience of blogging (about four months now), I’ve noticed the following:

  • If you gain some regular readers, the more personal posts will invite comments and likes from them. They have gotten to know you a bit through your posts, so the personal ones are giving them a bit more, rewarding them a little in that way, and building on that relationship.
  • On the other hand, the personal posts will generally not draw in many readers as they don’t have the personal connection, aside from the odd passing “tourist” who may have a connection in some way, and will therefore be drawn in.
  • Posts which are on a specific subject, e.g. writing tips, will draw in readers looking for the specific thing. Or they may have some experiences of it, that they may wish to share or can contribute to the subject.
  • Posts which are a bit more general e.g. about blogging, provide a common experience for all sorts of bloggers, so it will be easier for them to interact with your post, and be more enticing to new readers.
  • Posts which are more general still, e.g. The Rolling Stone top 500 albums ever, might draw in more views via search engines, but not the interactivity. This is also to say that the searcher may be after one thing, and not the thing the way you have written about it, which by the way, is not a criticism. Or a reader might like it, but have no wish to comment or press “like” (see the next point).
  • The “comments” and “like” functions are the tools of the reader from the blog community, but not necessarily everyone else. You may have some RSS readers, or readers via search sites who read some of your posts then leave. I know I do this when looking up certain subjects via google, but I don’t want to sign up to whatever web community it might be, and make a comment on it. I just want the written info.
  • If you are lucky enough to write a personal piece, but on a subject which many people are interested in, then this will be likely be the one which draws in “comments” and “likes”, but also a lot of views.
  • If you join some sort of competition, or writing group type challenge, e.g. monthly ROW80, you will get other like minded individuals who have also joined, as readers, and perhaps a few more additional interested ones (not that I would know having not joined one, but I was informed this was the case).

Part 2: The “experiment” in viewing figures

In some separate posts by myself and by blogging friends, the subject of popular search terms has cropped up. Terms that frequently appear in your stats, but seem to have little in common, other than a phrase, with the subject posted about. Plus there is a few odd ones which seem to have nothing in common at all other than two or three words occurred in a post, often paragraphs apart. On this blog “soft splats” is one example. So we discussed whether including a bunch of popular or odd search things would boost the viewings on a post, or indeed whether it would have any impact at all.

So let us assume for a moment that I want to be a blog whore. I want to put it out there, I want the viewers, I want the readers. Generally, I don’t, I’m ok with the amount of readers and views I have, but for this post I want to be different. I want it, and all of it. I want to put it about. Mmm, I hope this isn’t a choice I come to regret, but I digress. Sure there are many ways to help build an audience for your blog, WordPress themselves did a posting on this, see how to get more views, and how to get more comments. I see no reason to cover that ground again and that is not what I’m after here. I want the viewings first, and any new readers, “comments” and “likes” are a good bonus. So the experiment is thus, add in to this post, some commonly used web browser search phrases or other things that I’m guessing may turn up, and see what it does to the views on this post. See what crops up in the search terms in the stats. It will be an artificial boost somewhat, and it is not to say that part 1 above may also draw in some additional readers. But let us see what happens, so let us cover some search terms with added brainsplats nonsense here:

Some random popular search terms

  • Harry Potter is about being a nerd. I never read the books but I saw some of the films. School appears to have changed since I was there.
  • You can check some popular trends here:  – I decided to pinch (and add):
    • Kate Upton is popular. I have no idea who she is
    • Rodney King sadly took one beating too many.
    • The NBA finals have just finished with Miami winning. Sports channels like to talk about LeBron James especially now he has his first championship. I would not have mentioned him but he has a minor share in LFC.
    • The European championships (Euro 2012) are on. Steven Gerrard (LFC captain), is the England captain. Roy Hodgson (ex Liverpool manager) is the England manager. England have thus far done better than expected (we all thought they were crap).
    • What do Lindsay Lohan, the returning TV show Dallas, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian have in common? – Nothing that I am aware of.
    • Wimbledon Tennis starts soon and True Blood is back on. Both feature pasty looking people knocking things around a bit.
    • Pacquiao got robbed against Bradley meaning the fight against Floyd Mayweather will likely never happen. If this was the UFC, they would have faced off when they were at their respective peaks, a few years ago.
    • Tina Turner is still alive apparently, where as Henry Hill (of Goodfellas fame), is not.
    • Game of Thrones and Mad Men, are great sunday night shows that have ended their current seasons. The returning Falling Skies is a big slab of cheese in comparison.

Some random nonsense (assuming the above isn’t)

  • Purple Bananas wibble and wobble their way to squiggle and squelch land of the springs, where beds and fresh water run hand in hand.
  • I like random writing terms like paragraph, full stop, blog post, words to avoid, number of words, writing inspiration, writing prompt, author, artist, writer, and notepad.
  • Is it more fun to insult people from Belgium or Germany (in a non racist way of course)? Or come to think or it, the Irish or the Welsh?
  • I ought to mention Apple, ipod, ipad 2 and ipad 3, and the new iPhone 5. Plus I want a new Macbook Pro retina screen model. Well it is Apple isn’t it?
  • Add to that these random things – Disney, Pixar, Toy Story, DVD, downloads, MP3, Music, dance, jiggly, underwear, jockstrap and monkey.

Part 3. The mini conclusion

So I have a post of two parts. Hopefully part 1 will be of interest to many bloggers and blog readers. These are simply my thoughts on blogs posts, I make no comment about whether writing for yourself or an audience is better other than to say as far as I’m concerned either approach is fine, it depends what you want out of your blog.

Part 2 may be of interest to no-one other than me, or people who want to know what daft search terms crop up, if any. I shall monitor the stats of this post, and do an update in a week or two. Does all this nonsense boost the viewing figures, if only for a day or two? Does it do nothing? I shall find out. Feel free to enter your thoughts in the box below on either part.

Lexicon word of the day: incommutable.