The Monday Mess – Pah, Search terms – 4 Feb 2013


Humor me here if you will. Try the following Nonet:

The internet is full of knowledge

Of that we can all be so sure

but do I try improve my brain?

check sports scores? or erm, porn?

no, there is another

question to answer

Oh Google

here I


And in the spirit of a cheap ass monday post here is some ways the search above found its way to my blog over the last month or two.

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Poem – Never Ending

Just a poem for today. This one has been sitting in my notebook for a while. I was a bit unsure of it but I figured it can go up here in inter-web blog-world anyway. It is not about anyone in particular.

Never ending

I could have loved you forever
yet you were too consumed
by a love that passed
to another place
that left you feeling used

You were far away
when I was much too close
you grieved the loss
as if life was lost
I just dammed the hole

was it amiss
when we first kissed
when I first entered you
the heat, the lust
that we built up
wishfully anew

Not for you this mourning dew
with a soul, needed mending
we loved a little
lost a lot
black hole never ending

I could have loved you forever
that time went and gone
you slid the knife
cross my heart
and it was all
all wrong

Poem – My Heart is full

Click on the picture above for a site of cool artworks of hearts, love and such. It is pretty good. From me, a little poem, a tale of the heart:

My heart is full

My head told my heart
one time it will be you
but if it doesn’t reach the door
how will it go through?
it doesn’t know the address
it has another home
it just leaves me alone

My eyes told my head
look back this way
you both took the same detour
tell me now
what should I do?
I’m travelling without a map
she’ll follow you
she knows not the way
she and you both
will find the route through

My head told my heart
how did it get like this?
a life has fallen apart
but you built it up to a better place
you let her come into stay
you moved house, made wed
you made child instead

My heart told my head
I feel cosy now
I don’t know what I did
should I feel content
I do
I’m not alone in this

My head thought to itself
it worked somehow
and now
my heart is full

Lexicon word of the day: circumlocution.

Haiku – I’ll face this day

Tomorrow is Record Store day, a chance for music fans to collect some exclusive releases and support Independent stores. Me, I’m planning to head to Amoeba in Hollywood. I love that store, and this is as good excuse as any.

For todays post, more three Haiku poems also reading as a larger one. Inspiration, using a word prompt from a song same as on this post. This one takes a line from Love’s “You set the scene” (from their classic “Forever changes” album). Love were an L.A. band who never toured much and never had the sales to match their critical acclaim. The forever changes album is a genuine rock classic. It is one of those albums that get better with repeated listens, even years later after first hearing it. Check out the live version of you set the scene below. The line I used is I’ll face each day with a smile.

disaster struck me
lost my home in a bad storm
many memories gone

Large pile of nothing
fun times shared in this abode
now time to move on

My family is safe
I’ll face each day with a smile
deliver new life

Lexicon word of the day: asperity.