The Monday Mess – Mysteries of Monday revealed – 12 Nov 2012

(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art)

Once upon a time a music fan called Elliot, would look forward to Mondays because that was the day new music came out. He could wander down the local music store, and browse the new single and album releases. It was fun, at least for a music fan. Now most of these stores have closed, and he moved to the US where for seemingly inexplicable reasons, music comes out on a Tuesday. Monday you have a lot to answer for. Sadly that is not your only crime. I believe you are responsible for the following mysteries:

    • Why Mondays are depressing – Because it is the start of the working week for most people. Time stuck in an office, time stuck in a factory, time stuck in a shop, time stuck some place. See where I’m going? Sure you pay the bills, but wouldn’t you much rather be at home crashed out on the couch eating chocolate and watching the best that cable tv has to offer? For my writing friends, you can replace that last bit about the couch with “sat at a desk, staring at a laptop screen, tapping away at the keys worrying about word counts”.
    • Why Monday is too tired – You spend weekend with your family or friends, or doing something interesting or fun, trying to put off the fact that Monday is coming. You expend too much energy, and / or get too little sleep. Or your couple of days on the sofa is over. Time to get up and do something again. But you just don’t want to…
    • Why Monday is too long to the weekend – Assuming you work the standard Monday to Friday, or maybe even including Saturday, Monday is the furthest point from your time off doing something you want to. Unless you prefer being at work to being not at work, in which case, you need to take a serious look at your life.
    • Why monday is responsible for your life disappearing – Because you spend all week waiting for the week to fly by so you can enjoy the weekend. Then the weekend moves even faster. So the cycle starts again. Before you know it, you woke up in March thinking it will be Easter soon, and actually its almost Christmas. Your child, just a few months old is now almost two. You are wondering where your life has gone. Then it’s Monday and you want to see the weekend again.

You would think I don’t like my job wouldn’t you? Actually it is not bad, but would I still rather be at home with wifey and child? Answer: Watch out for Monday. If you look over your right shoulder, it is there at the back somewhere sniggering at you.

Nonet, Tanka? This week “Monday” in three Haiku

Poke me in the eye
or prod me with a sharp stick
please not be Monday

Where once we were young
we were never growing old
then Monday did come

The finger beckons
new musical gift for me
lost in sands of time

Although on the other hand, it does bring with it the Monday mess.

Have a nice week, and tune in somewhen further down it for the next brainsplats blog post.

Lexicon word of the day: Quincunx.


Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 30 April 2012

This weekend Luis Suarez (below) scored his first hat trick for Liverpool, the third one, a spectacular effort.

N.B.I did have a video of the third goal but it was blocked on youtube for copyright reasons. So this weeks weekend relevant prompts, for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Patching and painting – We had Orkin spray and protect for Termites last year. We had them back to finish an area round a rebuilt / extended part of the house, but also added protection round the windows and doors. They drill a small hole and pump foam into the area to protect the wood. I did the patching and painting so it looks as if nothing was done.
  2. Tidying up the garage – That great tradition of moving some junk into different places to give the impression that something has been done with it. Well it has. It got moved to a different place.
  3. Park  -Took my son to the park for a run around (him more than me). It was hot so we had to cut it a little shorter than we had hoped for.

So here we go:

Smile, joy, patch and paint

make little hole disappear

like never happened

Hmm. Not a lot to say about that one other than it seems a bit average.

Feel afternoon heat

lift, reorganise my mind

clean up the garage

Actually I got some good work done (in the garage).

Freedom to explore

feel the grass, run round the park

New experience

And bonus Haiku? Yeah it is a bonus, so keep it down. This week is Jack White. His first solo album came out this week to good reviews. I was a little suspicious at first but after a few listens, it is a good one. Maybe even his best, up there with the White Stripes “Elephant”:

Bleed my ears to health

women, dominant and cruel

jack white’s new album

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Spending a week of Gym work just on Cardio was something I might do more regularly. I usually do one day of cardio / abs, and the rest mostly weights after a warmup followed by 10 minute (slightly uphill) run. Having even forth or fifth week just to do Cardio / abs only, might be a good idea.
  • I love Bob Mould’s band Suagar from the early nineties, that bit I didn’t learn this weekend, but I read an article in Spin over the weekend that looked back on the period so I needed to post the link.
  • Liverpool Football club are a week away from the FA cup final. Luis Suarez, who has missed a whole load of chances this season got his first hat trick. The third, capping off a fine performance was a 45 yard lob over the goal keeper.
  • I’ve noticed a few changes in spam strategies in the last week that you may wish to note. 1) Liking your post then posting a comment. In the one example of this I have had so far, the comment was still clearly spam. I’ll keep the like though! 2) Referring to the post title in the spam comment as if to suggest that someone took note. It was still clearly spam in the text.
And as a further bonus, I am getting so much spam on the posts about Spam that I decided on a “Spam of the week“. Here is a runner up and a winner, and this week I’ve had plenty of good ones:
Runner up 1 – “hey, sup? how are you today, I like you, do you like me?” – Er, no.

Runner up 2 – “Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!” – I had to italicise my favourite bit. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to watch out for brussels as well.

Winner – “This can be the worst article of all, I’ve study” – Why you little, ggggrrrrrrrrrr, oh hold on a minute…

Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: mope (I’m thinking more of the derivatives for this one).

Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 23 April 2012

The view from Amoeba music in Hollywood on saturday (click on the picture for their blog):

So this weeks weekend relevant prompts, for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Heat Wave – After last weeks heavy rain, the hot weather put in an appearance from last thursday. I’m not sure whether it was technically a heat wave, but it is near enough as prompts go.
  2. Amoeba – Saturday was Record shop day. This, a day of exclusive limited edition releases, released only in independent shops. Record shop day as you might be able to guess, is in support of independent music stores. I went to Amoeba in Hollywood. You can read yesterdays post for a quick report on that.
  3. Crowds  -Yep, people were queueing round the blog at Amoeba this saturday.

So here we go:

Dripping down my back

sweating, heat throttling me

I like, I complain

Eagle eyed readers may spot I used the first line on the first poem last week when writing about the rain. I’m not being lazy here, I just found it interesting to use the same line to mean two different things.

Love to feel you out

music albums in the racks 

the great Amoeba

I do love browsing in music shops, and Amoeba is one of the best.

What? a block or two?

heated crowd, record store day

No new buy for me

And bonus Haiku? Ok, I could just call it Monday’s fourth Haiku, but it’s a bonus one so be quiet at the back. This week is squats. My boy keeps doing cute, and funny, little squats (we need to get him some mini weights!):

Careful, stop, balance

squat down, smile, stand right back up

funny exercise

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Pushing myself too far at the gym was not a good thing off the back of a week off, due to a cold, and it not being 100% off my throat. Well that and adding 10 pounds to the weight I was doing sit-ups with. (I was a tiny bit sick).
  • Amoeba, great store that it is, is not the place to go on record store day unless you get there really early.
  • Technically this was thursday but anyway – Taking my 16 month old son to the beach for the first time since he started walking was just the best thing. He loved the sea getting his feet the first time so much, he took off chasing after it laughing. He loved digging in the sand too, and wandering, and wandering.
  • This one applies to my wife as much as me, but re: above point, we must remember that putting suncream on, not only applies to our son. I now have a nice “red neck” tan. We both a pair of plunkers. In my head, I cannot get sunburnt at the beach, even though I always do.
  • Liverpool Football club can dominate a game, create loads of chances, hit both the crossbar and the post, and still loose 1 nil after one defensive mistake. Oh well, at least the league position does not matter too much now.
  • I mentioned last week that the posts about spam get more spam than ever, and that anything else does. Here is one that I liked this weekend “here  is a superb Blog You might Obtain Intriguing that we Encourage You” – indeed.
Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: galumph.

Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 16 April 2012

The view from Friday afternoon (well not my view, I pinched it from the Total Traffica – click image to view said site):

So this weeks weekend relevant prompts, for Monday Haiku are:

  1. Rain storm – It rained pretty heavily on friday afternoon. Well pretty heavily for southern California.
  2. TV warning – A warning appeared on the tv (at&t) warning of the storm above, about 20 minutes after it was already here. I’m pretty sure we knew about it at this point. I’m all for warnings of serious weather problems, I’m just in favour of the warning actually being a warning, and letting you know in advance.
  3. A cold -Yep, got one of those over the weekend, somewhat disrupting my plans to work on some story writing.

So here we go:

Dripping down my back

garden feeding, giving life

Shelter from rain storm 

I didn’t want to mention leaky roof, were I to have one, but it would have fit. Oh might have beens, huh?

Huh? Whats that outside?

Storm warning on my tv

Think it’s already here

Slightly crazy that message, but it kind of wrote it’s own Haiku.

Cold, groggy, tired

Cold, life draining energy

No story with cold

Is it the return of bonus Haiku? Ok, it “returned” the last two weeks, be quiet at the back. A word prompt of Freedom (which I sort of pinched from Eric Alagan’s sunday post):

I say what I wish

Fire the neurons in my mind

Use the word freedom

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I’m wondering who would be so engrossed in their tv that they fail to notice the weather outside, and therefore the late tv warning message would come as useful news to them.
  • When you write a post about spam, suddenly that post will get more spam than any other post. I really wish I had made a count. Just over the weekend I think I had about 15 just for the spam post.
  • Colds are no good for helping you write a story.
  • The rule “If Jennifer Aniston is in the film, it is probably s**t (with the exception to the rule being Office space)”, may longer be as true. Yes I watched Horrible bosses at the weekend. She was actually very good as the sex obsessed dentist, so much so that for the first 20 minutes or so, my brain was having trouble acknowledging it was her.
  • Liverpool Football club can make a second final in a season, this time for the FA cup. In just under three weeks they face Chelsea.

Afternoon update: Oh I meant to add earlier but forgot, Coachella would have been cool this weekend. Check out the full Radiohead set here:

And Pulp’s full performance here:


Have a fun week.

Lexicon word of the day: Yomp.

Monday Haiku and what I learned this weekend – 09 April 2012

I want a Rocket like this one:

Well actually I have one, sort of. It’s my son’s. Anyhoo, it is Easter Monday time and that means Haiku. Monday’s Haiku word prompts have turned into picking a couple of things relevant to my weekend. So for today they are:

  1. Easter bunny – I suspect you can work that out
  2. Chocolate – And that one too.
  3. Ferris Bueller -I watched Ferris Bueller’s day off again this weekend, having not seen it for years. It’s still amusing, if not a bit elaborate for a day off school. – Well it was a fun day for him.

So here we go:

Bounce Easter bunny

Spring forth with chocolate joy

Son has a surprise

I think I could have done a lot more with Easter on a larger poem. But Haiku is only 17 syllables.

Don’t look chocolate

I peel off your foil jacket

feed my addiction

Ok I like chocolate. What can I do? (Yes I used the same sentence there as last week substituting chocolate for ice-cream).

Sneak a day off school

Hang out with Ferris Bueller

Monday blues away

Is it the return of bonus Haiku? It is, with a word prompt of Ham:

Easter Ham tastes good

Not as much four meals later

leave now Easter ham

Ok. Ok. – Things I learned this weekend:

  • We probably didn’t need that much Ham.
  • Some times I’m not in the mood to write much, but then I seem to be able to come up with a few ideas of things to write about.
  • North America is crap for buying Easter Eggs. Seriously, you get a much better selection in the UK. Although you can get Cadbury’s creme eggs so it is not all bad. The cadbury’s mini eggs are not quite the same here though. Yeaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, you get robbed again.
  • This sunday might have been one of the best nights for TV ever. Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Eastbound and down, Life is short, The Killing, Nurse Jackie, AND (my wife made me mention) Titanic, the last word.
  • I can mention LFC every week until the season ends (they didn’t lose this week, but they didn’t win either. They drew 1 -1 in a game they should have easily won).
Have a fun week. Especially if you have Monday off work you lucky….

Lexicon word of the day: imbroglio.